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    Local student to attend Biology Olympiad finals - MyCentralJersey.com
      Before she heads for Harvard University in the fall, Grace Chen will participate in intensive biology instruction and laboratory training at Purdue University during the 13th annual USA Biology Olympiad (USABO) National Fi ....more | Save |  Share  Email 28th May 2015 
    Chemical biology Chemical modification of native proteins - Nature.com
      There exists a continuing need for novel approaches to chemically modify proteins at specific sites for applications in various research fields. Most methods require some amount of genetic engineering. MacDonald et al. present new c ....more | Save |  Share  Email 28th May 2015 
    Chemical biology Tinkering with chromatin - Nature.com
      A growing arsenal of chemical tools is enabling researchers to perturb and observe biological molecules in the cell. Inteins are naturally occurring protein segments that excise themselves in the process of protein splicing-a useful property that . ....more | Save |  Share  Email 28th May 2015 
    Molecular biology Enter the diatom - Nature.com
      Diatoms, the beautiful, kaleidoscopic algae that make up a significant fraction of the world's phytoplankton, are important primary producers with potential as biofuels. Yet the study of these unique creatures, which are mainly unicellular and encased ....more | Save |  Share  Email 28th May 2015 
    Engineering the mosquito genome - Nature.com
      The mosquito Aedes aegypti is the primary vector for pathogens that cause the potentially fatal illnesses chikungunya and yellow fever. Unlike the genomes of model organisms, the A. aegypti genome is incompletely mapped, making it challenging to ...and ....more | Save |  Share  Email 28th May 2015 
    Three developments that will help synthetic biology live up to its promise - Genetic Literacy Project
      Using synthetic biology techniques, researchers have created everything fromnew flavors and fragrances to new types of biofuels and materials. While the innovation potential of combining biology and en ....more | Save |  Share  Email 28th May 2015 
    Rosetta Genomics Launches OncoGxOne™ - MarketWatch
      Rosetta Genomics Launches OncoGxOne?MarketWatchRosetta Cancer Tests are a series of microRNA-based diagnostic testing services offered by Rosetta Genomics. The Rosetta Cancer Origin Test? can accurately identify the primary tumor type in primary and metastatic cancer includin ....more | Save |  Share  Email 28th May 2015 
    Cypher Genomics and Clinic for Special Children Collaborate on Rare Disease ... - PR Newswire (press release)
      The Clinic for Special Children is a non-profit medical service predominantly for Amish and Mennonite children with genetic disorders. The clinic serves children by translating advances in gene ....more | Save |  Share  Email 28th May 2015 
    American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG) Announces New ... - PR Newswire (press release)
      BETHESDA, Md., May 28, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG) has unveiled its new ACMG Genetics Academy for Genetic and Genomic Education at ww ....more | Save |  Share  Email 28th May 2015 
    Creators defend vanilla flavour made using synthetic biology - The Guardian
      The Guardian Using synthetic biology (synbio), scientists at Evolva edit the DNA of yeast, and through a fermentation process, force it to sythensise vanillin. It's a lot more complicated than that, of course, and it's n ....more | Save |  Share  Email 28th May 2015 
    IDT to host instructive talk on accelerating synthetic biology at ASM General ... - News-Medical.net
      News-Medical.net Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT), will host an instructive talk on accelerating synthetic biology at the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) General Meeting in New Orleans, Louisian ....more | Save |  Share  Email 28th May 2015 
    Looking for Creativity in Brains Will Take More Creativity - Wired
      Wired About a decade and a half ago, the neuroscience world got super-stoked about a sexy new way to look at living brains: functional magnetic resonance imaging. It watches oxygen in blood flow to different parts of the brain and uses t ....more | Save |  Share  Email 28th May 2015 
    Q&A: Kári Stefánsson Says Medical Privacy Is Overrated
      Our reluctance to share our medical data isn't just preventing breakthroughs, it's "morally unacceptable? ....more | Save |  Share  Email 28th May 2015 
    The Case of Embryonic Stem Cell Research - New York Times
      Cornell Chronicle In 2005, in response to intense public debate and an absence of federal regulation, the U.S. research community self-imposed guidelines that regularized some aspects of embryonic stem cell research, to ensure that the embryos we ....more | Save |  Share  Email 28th May 2015 
    Beef genomics scheme deadline extended - Connaught Telegraph
      Connaught Telegraph THE Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Simon Coveney, has announced that the deadline for applications under the Beef Data and Genomics (BDGP) Scheme is being extended until Friday, June 5. Said the minister: "A ....more | Save |  Share  Email 28th May 2015 
    Beef genomics programme deadline extended - Agriland
      Agriland The deadline for the Beef Data and Genomics Programme has been extended from Friday, May 29, to Friday, June 5. The move comes after figures revealed that less than half of the targeted 35,000 suckler farmers had applied to the Beef Data and ....more | Save |  Share  Email 28th May 2015 
    Neural circuits Pruning the projections - Nature.com
      Nature.com Psychiatric disorders are associated with abnormalities in neuronal structures such as dendritic spines and with widespread disruption in neural circuits, but it is not yet clear how these different disease processes interact. Kim et al. no ....more | Save |  Share  Email 27th May 2015 
    Axon guidance Setting up for seeing in slow motion - Nature.com
      Nature.com In response to slow motion of the visual field, the accessory optic system (AOS) mediates the optokinetic reflex (OKR), whereby the eyes move to compensate for visual motion. The AOS comprises the medial terminal nucleus (MTN) an ....more | Save |  Share  Email 27th May 2015 
    BRIEF-Tigenix says stem cell sepsis treatment passes stage I trial - Reuters
      Cx611 is an intravenously-administered product of allogeneic expanded adipose-derived stem cells. * Is currently developing Cx611 for patients with early rheumatoid arthritis and for patients with severe sepsis Source text for ....more | Save |  Share  Email 27th May 2015 
    DVS supports Nikki Regnault's stem cell therapy dream - Scoop.co.nz (press release)
      But the recent emergence of Stem Cell therapy and its outstanding results has given Nikki and others with the disease hope. An overseas stem cell treatment can stop Nikki's MS progressing. Having been accepted a ....more | Save |  Share  Email 27th May 2015