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    Qualcomm claim fingerprint sensor breakthrough - myce.com
      myce.com Ultrasonic sensors use the same principals as medical ultrasonography. Piezoelectric transducers generate high-frequency sound waves and the reflected energy is measured to produce a three-dimensional image. This technique is capable of ....more | Save |  Share  Email 3rd Mar 2015 
    The Role of Ultrasound in the Diagnosis and Management of Carpal Tunnel ... - Medscape
      Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is the most common entrapment neuropathy, affecting 9% of women, and it is responsible for significant morbidity and occupational absence. Clinical assessment is used for initi ....more | Save |  Share  Email 2nd Mar 2015 
    How to improve your bag-valve mask technique - EMS1.com
      Real-time detection of gastric insufflation related to facemask pressure-controlled ventilation using ultrasonography of the antrum and epigastric auscultation in nonparalyzed patients: A prospective, randomized, double-blind study. Anesthesiology ....more | Save |  Share  Email 2nd Mar 2015 
    First delivery case at AIIMS-P - Times of India
      Patna: AIIMS-Patna on Monday facilitated its first delivery by responding to an emergency call. The delivery was conducted in operation theatre as the labour room is not yet functional. Both the mother - Lucknow's 28-year-old Ruchi Mishra - ....more | Save |  Share  Email 2nd Mar 2015 
    Asthma Severity and Lung Function Effectively Assessed with Dynamic Oxygen ... - Lung Disease News
      sem nome A new study assessed the feasibility and reproducibility of dynamic oxygen-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (OE-MRI) as a non-invasive, non-ionizing imaging technique with the capability to as ....more | Save |  Share  Email 2nd Mar 2015 
    UQ's super scanner a new weapon against heart disease - HealthCanal.com
      HealthCanal.com The 7T magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner was developed by Siemens. Siemens scientist Dr Kieran O'Brien said it was the only such scanner in Australia that used eight independent radio frequency channel ....more | Save |  Share  Email 2nd Mar 2015 
    Predicting amyloid status in corticobasal syndrome using modified clinical ... - 7thSpace Interactive (press release)
      The goal of this study is to evaluate the utility of modified clinical criteria and visual interpretations of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission t ....more | Save |  Share  Email 1st Mar 2015 
    How to cope with navicular disease - Horse & Hound
      Horse & HoundHow to cope with navicular disease [H&H VIP]Horse & HoundTechniques of performing ultrasonography of soft tissues through the frog were described, but in practical terms were usually spectacularly unrewarding. To add to the confusion, some vets preferred the term "palmar foot pain? ....more | Save |  Share  Email 1st Mar 2015 
    Advanced imaging is saving lives - Murfreesboro Post
      The primary invention that has rid the world of routine exploratory surgery is advanced imaging, especially magnetic resonance imaging or MRI. Imaging of the interior of the body has been around for more than a century. The first X-rays were invented ....more | Save |  Share  Email 28th Feb 2015 
    Windsor's big heart skips more than a beat - Horsetalk
      Dr Virginia Reef, director of Large Animal Cardiology and Diagnostic Ultrasonography at the center, is an expert in equine atrial fibrillation, known as a-fib for short. "When a horse has a big heart, atrial fibrillation is more like ....more | Save |  Share  Email 27th Feb 2015 
    Cavaliers' Kyrie Irving out vs. Pacers after MRI reveals left shoulder strain - Yahoo Canada Sports (blog)
      After the MRI came up less-than-rosy, Irving didn't travel with the Cavs to Indiana on Friday. He will be re-evaluated before Sunday's game against the Houston Rockets, according to th ....more | Save |  Share  Email 27th Feb 2015 
    Cavaliers' Kyrie Irving out vs. Pistons after MRI reveals left shoulder strain - Yahoo Canada Sports (blog)
      After the MRI came up less-than-rosy, Irving didn't travel with the Cavs to Indiana on Friday. He will be re-evaluated before Sunday's game against the Houston Rockets, according to t ....more | Save |  Share  Email 27th Feb 2015 
    I-STAR researchers shine at SPIE Medical Imaging 2015 - Johns Hopkins Department of Biomedical Engineering
      Johns Hopkins Department of Biomedical Engineering In sunny warm Florida a team of researchers from the Johns Hopkins I-STAR Lab assembled at the February 2015 SPIE Medical Imaging Confe ....more | Save |  Share  Email 27th Feb 2015 
    Medical Imaging Mutualisation Project in France Takes a Big Step Forward - DOTmed.com
      GENEVA, Switz. ? In February 2014 the Groupement de Cooperation Sanitaire (GCS) TÚlÚSantÚ Centre, based in north central France, commissioned Carestream Health France to provide a Carestream PACS solution for bot ....more | Save |  Share  Email 27th Feb 2015 
    Zardari visits hospital for MRI scan - DAWN.com
      The sources in the Dr Ziauddin Hospital said Mr Zardari arrived there in the afternoon and left after a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan half an hour later. The party sources quoted hospital officials as saying that those were routine tests for ...an ....more | Save |  Share  Email 26th Feb 2015 
    Prevalence of prostatic calcification subtypes and association with prostate ... - UroToday
      OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the prevalence and to classify prostatic calcification on transrectal ultrasonography (TRUS) and correlate the findings with histology. METHODS: A prospective, blinded study of men undergo ....more | Save |  Share  Email 26th Feb 2015 
    Taking a look inside the body - AsiaOne
      AsiaOne Positron emission tomography (PET) scans also involve radiation but not all radiography departments have a PET facility, she said. Scans that do not involve harmful or ionising radiation are magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and ultrasonography, she said. ....more | Save |  Share  Email 26th Feb 2015 
    After notice, clinics fall in line over submissions under PNDT Act - Times of India
      PANAJI: After notices were issued recently to 11 clinics and diagnostic centres across North Goa for not submitting records for tests conducted, including ultrasonography, on a regular basis, it has come to l ....more | Save |  Share  Email 25th Feb 2015 
    Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Systems with Magnet Rundown Unit by GE ... - EIN News (press release)
      ISSUE: Some MRI units may have been modified by service personnel or by equipment users to disable the Magnet Rundown Unit (MRU). The MRU is one method used to shut off the magnetic field o ....more | Save |  Share  Email 25th Feb 2015 
    ETH: An oscilloscope for MRI scanners - Science Business
      MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) is defined as the form of magnetic resonance spectroscopy that produces cross-section images in any desired spatial plane, with excellent contrast particularly for tissue and internal organs in the human body. Bas ....more | Save |  Share  Email 25th Feb 2015 
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