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    New interim Children's Haematology and Oncology Centre opens - Scoop.co.nz (press release)
      Staff, patients and their families celebrated the opening of the new interim Children's Haematology and Oncology (CHOC) Centre at Christchurch Hospital on Friday (30 Jan). Former patient 11-year-old Jock ....more | Save |  Share  Email 1st Feb 2015 
    Action Line: How to handle an estate when a relative dies - Fresno Bee
      If there is a home involved and it isn't sold immediately, be sure to maintain regular yard maintenance so the home doesn't appear to be empty. Using lights on revolving timers also helps retain a "lived in? look to discou ....more | Save |  Share  Email 1st Feb 2015 
    17 things to know about the Farm Colony/Seaview Hospital historic district on ... - SILive.com
      SILive.com "Surgical procedures -- including lung collapse which permitted the self-sealing of tuberculosis lesions -- became more important beginning in the 1920s. Many physicians who served on the Seavi ....more | Save |  Share  Email 1st Feb 2015 
    Financial Focus: The 4 parts of Medicare - East Valley Tribune
      Depending on where you live, your Part C options can include health maintenance organizations (HMOs), preferred provider organizations (PPOs), private fee-for-service plans, and Medicare medical savings accounts. Individuals with Part C usu ....more | Save |  Share  Email 1st Feb 2015 
    The Wellness Center, Navicent Health remains closed until further notice - Macon Telegraph (blog)
      The Wellness Center is located at 3979 Northside Drive. The Wellness Center closed Saturday due to "emergency facility maintenance issues,? according to an email sent to members. A spokeswoman for Navice ....more | Save |  Share  Email 1st Feb 2015 
    Escambia County new business listings - Pensacola News Journal
      Maintenance by Justin Joseph, 2312 Greenwell Court, building maintenance. Michael J. Grace, 1717 North T St., retail. Michelle L. Rose, 4706 Huron Drive, mental health clinician. Morrow Crystal Property Management, 8500 Chemstrand Road, ren ....more | Save |  Share  Email 1st Feb 2015 
    Activate Allen County: Keep your heart healthy - LimaOhio.com
      Maintaining a healthy weight can go a long way in keeping your heart healthy. Work with a medical professional to determine your healthy weight range and a plan to achieve it. Continue to follow with your doctor throughout your weight loss j ....more | Save |  Share  Email 1st Feb 2015 
    Report: Best Diets for 2015 - WSAW
      WSAW This is the maintenance phase in which a person begins to incorporate other healthy food options into their HMR meal replacements. Phase Two also focuses on more lifestyle changes and includes weekly telephone coaching sessions with dietitians and ...and more ....more | Save |  Share  Email 1st Feb 2015 
    Thomas' "Choose Your Own Path" On 'Downton Abbey' Isn't Far From The Truth - Bustle
      Bustle In the fourth episode of Season 5 of Downton Abbey, we saw Thomas return from his mysterious errand and then potentially using some sort of drug (which involved a needle and a spoon). Con ....more | Save |  Share  Email 1st Feb 2015 
    An Improved Test for Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease - Medical Research News and Interviews on MedicalResearch.com (blog)
      Dr. Caughey: One of the challenges in dealing with various neurodegenerative protein misfolding diseases is early and accurate diagnosis. This issue is particularly important with human p ....more | Save |  Share  Email 1st Feb 2015 
    Is Radiation Therapy in Early-Stage Breast Cancer Always Necessary? - OncLive
      OncLive Women diagnosed with early-stage breast disease have a variety of decisions to make regarding their treatment options. For example, some women may be eligible for breast-conserving surgery, which typically i ....more | Save |  Share  Email 1st Feb 2015 
    Law aids renters who wish to grow edible plants - Los Angeles Times
      ?The plant crop will not interfere with the maintenance of the rental property. ?Placement of ... Portable containers may not create a health and safety hazard, block doorways or interfere with walkways or utility services or equip ....more | Save |  Share  Email 1st Feb 2015 
    Legacy Community Center idea gets boost - Chippewa Herald
      Chippewa Herald That's why the Chippewa Health Improvement Partnership and other outreach groups say it's time to build a Legacy Community Center. "Things aren't going so ... Some costs, like maintenance and construction, would be com ....more | Save |  Share  Email 1st Feb 2015 
    Your Dog Can Get Alzheimer's Too - Huffington Post
      "The cellular changes of canine cognitive dysfunction would be recognizable under the microscope to any human brain pathologist: Plaques of beta amyloid - protein fragments believed to be the result of 'oxidative stress' - lead to dist ....more | Save |  Share  Email 1st Feb 2015 
    Toledo's only fertility lab closing - Toledo Blade
      Toledo Blade As ProMedica finalizes plans to shutter Toledo's only fertility clinic with an on-site lab at the end of this month, patients who are being forced to leave their doctor in the midst of fertility treatments are questioning why it is ....more | Save |  Share  Email 1st Feb 2015 
    Don't ignore flat feet: Study links condition to painful foot maladies - The Killeen Daily Herald
      "In some patients whose pain is not adequately relieved by conservative treatments, there are a variety of surgical techniques available to correct flatfoot and improve foot function,? Ledger said. " ....more | Save |  Share  Email 1st Feb 2015 
    Leave no one behind in Alzheimer's research: Alan Lerner (opinion) - cleveland.com
      cleveland.com Encouraging strides are being made toward early intervention and preventative therapies. However, at the same time, Alzheimer's disease clinical researchers cannot and will not leave anyone behind as ....more | Save |  Share  Email 1st Feb 2015 
    Focus on Allergy and Immunology - American Pharmacists Association, pharmacist.com
      Efficacy and safety of various treatment regimens for asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) were hot topics at the American College of Chest Physicians (CHEST) Annual Meeting. Numerous abstracts were pr ....more | Save |  Share  Email 31st Jan 2015 
    Low gas prices ripple through NWI economy - nwitimes.com
      nwitimes.com Gas prices have no immediate impact on health care spending, but any effect might become evident in three to six months when medical bills for services rendered come due, said Gene Diamond, regional CEO of Franciscan Alliance. Low gas ....more | Save |  Share  Email 31st Jan 2015 
    Bringing home the bacon: La Crosse County gets state's third largest piece of ... - La Crosse Tribune
      La Crosse Tribune In addition, LHI's parent company, Unitedheath Group of Minneapolis, billed more than $2.2 billion in government healthcare services in 2014, according to the Federal Procureme ....more | Save |  Share  Email 31st Jan 2015 
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