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    Magic dolls: no quick fix for teenage pregnancy

      Teenage pregnancy is an important adolescent health issue.1 Pregnancy outcomes in teenagers are generally poor with high rates of preterm birth and other complications.2 In the long term, families in which the mother was a teenager at first birth have greater use of public health care and social se Save |  Share  Email 25th Aug 2016 

    Spontaneous bacterial peritonitis

      A 38-year-old man with end-stage liver disease secondary to chronic hepatitis C infection, who had been evaluated and listed for a liver transplantation, presented with substantial ascites necessitating several abdominal paracenteses. He had a history of spo , small bow Save |  Share  Email 25th Aug 2016 

    Efficacy of infant simulator programmes to prevent teenage pregnancy: a school-based cluster randomised controlled trial in Western Australia

      The infant simulator-based VIP programme did not achieve its aim of reducing teenage pregnancy. Girls in the intervention group were more likely to experience a birth or an induced abortion than those in the control group before they reached 20 years of age. Save |  Share  Email 25th Aug 2016 

    Transparency and availability of data for cancer research

      Open research data allows for verification, replication, scrutiny, and subsequent analyses of published studies, while reducing likelihood of research duplication. By contrast, failing to publish data, which is a key impediment in the fight against cancer and non-communicable disease epidemics, hin Save |  Share  Email 25th Aug 2016 

    Austerity threatens universal health coverage in Brazil

      Michael Temer, Brazil's new interim president from the centre-right Brazilian Democratic Movement Party (PMDB), has unveiled an agenda of austerity measures to stimulate economic growth. In the manifesto Uma Ponte Para Futuro (October, 2015), he announced plans to reduce public spending, including Save |  Share  Email 25th Aug 2016 

    Bipolar disorder: defining symptoms and comorbidities - Authors' reply

      We appreciate the interest from Alain Dervaux and Xavier Laqueille, and Philip Mitchell in our Seminar on bipolar disorder.1 Substance use disorders are indeed very common in patients with bipolar disorder. Tentative reasons for such frequent comorbidity include a shared genetic diathesis, common n Save |  Share  Email 25th Aug 2016 

    Prospective Zika virus disease cohort: systematic screening

      In December, 2015, the first imported case of Zika virus (ZIKV) infection was diagnosed in French Guiana in a group of 136 travellers returning from Suriname. No autochthonous cases had been detected in French Guiana at that time. To prevent secondary cases, we systematically screened co-travellers Save |  Share  Email 25th Aug 2016 

    Bipolar disorder: defining symptoms and comorbidities

      I enjoyed the comprehensive and thoughtful Lancet Seminar on bipolar disorder by Iria Grande and colleagues (April 9, p 1561).1 However, an historical correction concerning some statements on bipolar depression is necessary. The authors state that the symptomatic differences between unipolar and bi Save |  Share  Email 25th Aug 2016 

    US presidential candidates' proposals to reduce drug prices

      Clinton and Trump seem to agree on at least some ways to bring down the cost of prescription drugs, but Clinton offers more details. Susan Jaffe, The Lancet's Washington correspondent, reports. Save |  Share  Email 25th Aug 2016 

    Robert Koch's culture tubes

      All the early medical microbiologists left relics of their breakthrough science. Given the importance of Louis Pasteur, Robert Koch, and Alexander Fleming it's not surprising that their veneration includes the conservation of laboratory artifacts. These are often simple pieces of glassware-slides, Save |  Share  Email 25th Aug 2016 

    Scientific Panel for Health: better research for better health

      Health is a human right, with research underpinning every advance in health care. Even if political Europe is under siege, health research must remain high on the agenda of all stakeholders. The Scientific Panel for Health,1 created under the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innova Save |  Share  Email 25th Aug 2016 

    Voices of invisible women

      Images of migrants arriving in Europe have caused much political debate in host countries about how to meet their needs. Recent estimates from the UN indicate that, in 2015, about 244 million people, representing the 3·3% of the world's population, lived outside their country of origin and increas Save |  Share  Email 25th Aug 2016 

    Joanne Liu, MSF International President: a need for greater humanity

      Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has won high praise for alerting the world to Ebola and responding so fast, but, says Joanne Liu, its International President, for MSF Ebola was a failure: "It took us 6 months to convince the world that something was happening. So for us it was such a trauma.? Save |  Share  Email 25th Aug 2016 

    A medical emergency in Pukapuka

      Last year I had the good fortune to travel to the tiny island of Pukapuka-there and back in one day. My lifelong desire to visit this remote atoll in the middle of the Pacific Ocean stems from the ethnographic fieldwork undertaken by my father, Ernest, and mother, Pearl, who spent 7 months on Pukap Save |  Share  Email 25th Aug 2016 

    Gaps remain in Russia's response to HIV/AIDS

      Russia has drafted its first national HIV/AIDS policy in a decade, but it falls far short of what is needed to curb the country's growing epidemic, say experts. Fiona Clark reports from Moscow. Save |  Share  Email 25th Aug 2016 

    Alfred George Knudson

      Paediatrician and cancer geneticist. He was born in Los Angeles, CA, USA, on Aug 9, 1922, and died in Philadelphia, PA, USA, on July 10, 2016, aged 93 years. Save |  Share  Email 25th Aug 2016 

    Nothing new in UK's strategy on childhood obesity

      Obesity is a worsening and far-reaching public health problem. The future costs of rising diabetes prevalence, as obesity rises in older age, are well understood. Tackling childhood obesity is an urgent task, and it is essential to do it well.1 Save |  Share  Email 25th Aug 2016 

    Increased momentum in antimicrobial resistance research

      Working against pathogenic microbes in a globalised world is a matter of self-interest at least as much as a responsibility to our neighbours. Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is responsible for an estimated 700?000 deaths annually worldwide. The review1 on AMR, commissioned by the British Governme Save |  Share  Email 25th Aug 2016 

    Unfinished business: women's health inequality in the USA

      Not so long ago, women in the USA faced overt institutional sex discrimination in access to health care. "Gender rating? meant some women could be charged up to 50% more for health-care insurance than men, while many services that women required-such as sexual, reproductive, and maternity service Save |  Share  Email 25th Aug 2016 

    Dietary guidelines on trial: the charges are not evidence based

      Current nutrient guidelines recommend a wide acceptable range of total fat and carbohydrate intakes, emphasising quality and source rather than quantity of macronutrients, substantial restriction of free sugars, and usually restriction of saturated fat.1 Recent food-based dietary guidelines are bas Save |  Share  Email 25th Aug 2016 
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