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Consumer Electronics Evolution Meeting Wireless Application Demand
Author: Jagdish Rebello PhD
Healthcare associated infections Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections in ICU
Author: Sarah Jordan, Monika Pogorzelska, Elaine Larson, and Patricia W. Stone
noninvasive Photoplethysmography Real-time Motion Artifact Detection Algorithms
Author: Nandakumar Selvaraj and Ki H. Chon
International Energy Agency IEA Solar Heating & Cooling Programme
Author: IEA
UBS Global Life Sciences Conference BTG Strategy, Development, Building Value
Author: BTG
Assessment and management of radiotherapy beam Effects of table support structures and immobilization devices on therapy beam attenuation
Author: Jeff Mumper, MS, ABR
3D TSV Reliability Screen Challenges Test in the Third Dimension
Author: Erik Volkerink
Cardiothoracic Surgery Patient Post-Op Care: An Overview Cardiothoracic Surgery Patient Post-Op Care: An Overview
Author: Cass Piper Sandoval, RN CNS CCRN
Cell therapy for diabetes Immunotherapy: the cutting edge of stem cell applications
Author: Dr. Dietger Niederwieser, Dr. John Snowden
Hydrogen Fuel Cells, Energy Energy Alternatives: Fuel Cells, Hydrogen, PEM, Alternative Ionomers
Author: Chris J. Cornelius
venture capital innovation Venture Capital, Patenting, and the Usefulness of Innovation
Author: Simona Fabrizi, Ste en Lippert, Pehr-Johan Norback
Silicon Based GaN GaN High-Power LEDs with Silicon Substrates
Author: Sonny Wu
Applied Cost Modeling Fall 2010 Applied Cost Modeling Fall 2010
Author: David Jimenez
Semi Stock Week: Chip making stocks take a breather as Best Buy disappoints. Semi Stock Week: Chip making stocks take a breather as Best Buy disappoints.
Author: Andrea Lati
Economic considerations of Pharmacoeconomics Pharmacoeconomics and Management in Pharmacy
Author: John Vella
Camera Sensors Image Sensors: Technologies History Demosaicing
Author: Lorenzo Natale
solar radiation into electricity Electricity from the sun
Author: Daniel Fraile, Marie Latour, Adel El Gammal, Michael Annett
Physical Assets In Health Care Medical Device Management
Author: David Porter
Metformin monotherapy Continuous subcutaneous delivery of exenatide vs. injections in metformin-treated type 2 diabetes
Author: R. R. Henry, R. Cuddihy, J. Rosenstock, T. Alessi4, K. Luskey
Analysis of potentially genotoxic impurities-PGIs Genotoxic impurity trace analysis in pharmaceuticals
Author: F. David, K. Jacq, G. Vanhoenacker, P. Sandra, A. Baker
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