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Research & Demonstration Activities, EU Research and Innovation Policy, European Industrial Initiati R&D Activity in Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) and New Fuels
Author: Wiktor Raldow
The Role of Animal By-Products The Role of Animal By-Products
Author: Sergio F. Nates, Kent Swisher
The Legislation, VHSL, VHSL SMAC, Health Care Provider, BOE, Board of Psychology Policies and Procedures for Head Injuries and Concussions
Author: Tom Dolan
MEMS Executive Congress, MEMS at iSuppli, General MEMS, Automotive MEMS MEMS Back to Double Digit Growth
Author: Jeremie Bouchaud
Samsung Electronics, Segment Information, Cash Flow Statement, Statement of Financial Position Current Semiconductor, Display, Telecom, Digital Media, and Appliance Markets
Author: Samsung Electronics
The Big Earthquake, NPPs in Japan, Fukushima Daiichi, TEPCO Fukushima, TEPCO’s Nuclear Power Plants and the Sendai Earthquake
Author: Yoshiaki Oka
Semi Stock Week: Chip making stocks have a mixed week.  Semi Stock Week: Chip making stocks have a mixed week.
Author: Andrea Lati
Android Activity Life cycle, Wake locks, Good Wake locks Handling, BAD wake lock Handling, Typical H Coding for Power Saving with Android
Author: Sony-Ericsson
Presentation of illness, Differential Diagnosis, Diagnosis of EBV infection, Monospot Case Study: 15 year old with History of Malaise, Fatigue, Abdominal Pain and Intermittent Emesis
Author: Luise E. Rogg, MD, PhD
European Commission DG ENV, Electrical and Electronic, recycling of Photovoltaic Panels Solar PV End-of-Life Environmental Impact Study
Author: Veronique Monier, Mathieu Hestin
Regulatory Oversight of Enron, Investigative Findings, Enron’s energy Trading Business Lessons from the Enron Scandal in Regulatory Oversight and Ethics
Author: Leigh Tesfatsion
Informal Workers in Garment Sector, Fair Wage Guide, SMS Labor Link, Suppliers Input Data Informalization of the Economy
Author: S Webb
Data Collection, Details and Benefits of the Coping with Life courses, IAPT Programme Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) course
Author: Michelle McMahon & Ben Taylor
Global Stock Price Performance, Clean Tech Capital Market Activity YTD 2010, Private Financing Activ Jefferies CleanTech Review
Author: Jefferies CleanTech Investment Banking Team
Datapath Placement Benchmarks, Modern Processor Design – Power7, Dataflow Design, Reduce Integration Dataflow or Structured Placement Design
Author: Samuel Ward, Earl Swartzlander, David A. Papa, Zhuo Li, Cliff Sze, and Charles Alpert
National Cancer Institute, Frontiers, Blood Proteomics, LMWP Biomarker Discovery, LMW Plasma Analysi Nanochip Research in Medicine for Cancer, Rigenerative, Cardiovascular and Infectious Diseases
Author: Mauro Ferrari, Ph.D.
Communication Technologies, Basic Communication Services, Object Oriented Environments, Operating Sy Building Secure and Reliable Network Applications
Author: Kenneth P. Birman
Natural Hazard Modeling, Basic COPE, Average Annual Loss Estimates, COPE Quality Issues Natural Disaster Modeling
Author: M. Rector
Major Coal-Based IGCC Projects, Coal Composition and Reactivity, Design of Gasifiers Coal Gasification Technology Research and Development Status
Author: Sankar Bhattacharya
Illicit Drug Effects on Driving Illicit Drug Effects on Driving
Author: Con Stough
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