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Airwheel S5, an ET in the Intelligent Self-balancing Scooter Industry

S5 is released recently on Airwheel new product release conference. It has an epoch-making meaning in the Airwheel family. The strong power and formidable off-road capability has made it an ET in the two-wheeled self-balancing scooter industry. Just ...

Airwheel scooter electric Offer Us the Legacy to Our Next Generations

27, June 2015: More and more environmental problems have emerged from the global joy of economic development. You must have been shocked by the fog haze. You must always worry about the PM2.5 values in your city. If you don’t have child now, wi ...

Airwheel self balancing electric scooter Brings You the All Brand New Travelling Experience

27, June 2015: People are suffering from the traffic jam and the pressing fog haze. For solving the traffic and pollution, Airwheel introduced its electric self-balancing scooters. With their fashionable designs and eco-friendly ideas, Airwheel scoot ...

Airwheel self balancing electric scooter Makes You a Fashion Icon on the Road.

04, July 2015: One thousand people have one thousand definitions of fashion. What make people fashionable? Clothes? Make-up? Handbag? They are the easiest answers, and also the most exploited fashion elements. Why don’t you exploit your own fas ...

Airwheel self balancing electric scooter Makes Your Graduation Season More Colorful

13, July 2015: Do you ever think of going to the exam room by the Airwheel electric unicycle? If you do, I have to congratulate that you have already win the exam of innovation and being outstanding. As we all know, there always be someone who is lat ...

Airwheel self balancing electric scooter: Do You low Carbon Travel Out Today?

11, June 2015: In the early stage of mankind’s civilized society, the means of transport was backward, since people only used transport with animal power such as carriage and ox cart. However, those means of transport changed the history that h ...

Airwheel Self Balancing Electric Scooters Makes People Closer With Each Other

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Changzhou, Jiangsu, China (August 20, 2015):- With the development of society, the living standard of people becomes higher and higher. Their material life is improved largely. However, the interpersonal distance between people ...

Airwheel self balancing electric unicycle Brings Different Trips and Different World

08, July 2015: Life is full of stress, such as job-hunting stress, promotion stress, venturing stress, economic stress and stress from illness. Bearing all these, modern people are stressed out when commuting. What misery! Then, change the way of com ...

Airwheel self balancing electric unicycle Innovates the Transport Way in Campus

15, July 2015: From Fleet of Time to The Left Ear, campus movie sets the trend and recalls people’s memories to their carefree school days. Actually, youth, energy and personality are the direct labels of students. They love fashion outfits, th ...

Airwheel self balancing electric unicycle Renders Your Trip More Fun

04, June 2015: With the rapid development of society, people have far more options on transportation means, which brings a lot of convenience to their life. Recently, a new type of self-balancing scooter designed by Airwheel Company has risen to popu ...

Airwheel self balancing electric unicycle Save You from Traffic Jams

20, June 2015: In addition to job promotion and raise, every morning the happiest thing for an office commuter must be getting to the office in the blink of an eye. I believe that no one is willing to exhaust himself by the time he arrives at the off ...

Airwheel self balancing electric unicycle: Slow Down and Enjoy the Life Around You.

26, June 2015: Recently an astonishing news came from Britain. The news said that The Canal & River, the charity responsible for maintaining more than 2,000 miles of inland waterways in England and Wales, has installed temporary "Duck Lanes& ...

Airwheel self balancing unicycle, New Opportunity for Your Career Development

11, June 2015: In modern societies, whatever jobs people take, fierce market competition is all around. How can people survive and stand out in today’s such intense market competition to find new opportunities? Joining us as a licensee is the b ...

Airwheel Self-Balance Unicycle Emerges a Favorite Choice for Filmmaking Purpose

06, April 2015: Besides used for transportation, Airwheel unicycle can practically prove very useful for filmmaking too. For dynamic shots, one can use unicycles to move with a camera instead of running to capture the shots. Recently, the leading Can ...

Airwheel self-balance unicycle Takes You One Step Ahead Your Peers

22, June 2015: In 2015, we are at a fresh new start. As road trips become increasingly difficult due to traffic jams, the concept of short trip begins to arouse widespread attention from the public. Since ancient times, every time new challenges come ...

Airwheel self-balancing 2 wheeled electric unicycle S3: Define the Future Transportation

Together with the development of scientific technologies, more and more new transports emerge in an endless stream. However, very few of them stand for the futuristic transports but Airwheel self-balancing scooter, the S3 in particular. Thanks to its ...

Airwheel Self-Balancing 2 wheels scooters in Kapal Api coffee factory

05, August 2015: Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooters are quite popular in big factories around the world as a great means of transport. From July 25 to 28, a top Chinese officer from government, invited by Indonesian People's Consultativ ...

Airwheel Self-balancing Electric Scooter A3 with seat, an era of new concept scooter

04, August 2015: Maybe you are a electric self-balancing scooter fan, and you really enjoy the joy and convenience the old-fashioned standing-on-it scooter ever gives you. But there is really one problem for some riders, they just don’t like to ...

Airwheel Self-balancing Electric Scooter for adults: More choices, More happiness

10, August 2015: Airwheel is a renowned manufacturer of self-balancing electric scooters all over the world. It has launched four series of self-balancing electric scooters successively: X-series, Q-series, S-series and A-series. Airwheel intelligent ...

Airwheel Self-balancing electric scooter for sale

Modern city has become a marriage siege for most city residents. People out of the zone want to get into it while the people inside of the zone want to get out. The huge prosperity created by the urbanization are attracting more and more people to ge ...
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