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Active Memory Expansion ? Deployment Steps

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Description: Business Process Steps for Active Memory Expansion Planning Tool, Part of AIX 6.1 TL4, Calculates data compressibility & estimates CPU overhead due to Active Memory Expansion. Provide initial Recommendations 60-Day Trial, One-time, no-charge temporarily enablement. Config LPAR based on planning tool. Use AIX tools to monitor Act Mem Exp environment. Tune based on actual results. Deploy into Production. Permanently enable Active Memory Expansion. Deploy workload into production. Continue to monitor workload using AIX performance tools Memory Expansion CPU Utilization Estimated Results of CPU Utilization Memory Expansion App Performance Memory Expansion Time Performance Actual Results Active Memory Expansion Author: IBM

Upload Date: 22-Mar-2010

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Reference URL: http://electronics.wesrch.com/paper_details/pdf/EL1SE1UU8KZQL/active_m

Short URL: http://www.wesrch.com/wiki1010

Active Memory Expansion  Deployment Steps

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