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LCD-TV and 2D Color dimming

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Description: LCD-TV and 2D Color dimming 2D-Color dimmed backlight Front of screen picture Conventional: CCFL backlight: peak-level white light. Most light is lost by: -color filtering per pixel-LCD brightness modulation 2D Color dimming: Image signal is analyzed first. Light is only emitted by LEDs in the color and intensity needed at the right location and time. LCD transmission is optimized Saves energy, improves contrast! Energy savings: More segments: increased cost but save more power Potentially 50% overall power saved in an LCD TV set (40?) Global power savings: 39 Terawatt Hour (10% of all TVs) = 4 Power plants less/year (2010 ?2020) Green Engineering is the Next Killer Application Author: Mike Noonen, NXP

Upload Date: 22-Mar-2010

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Reference URL: http://energy.wesrch.com/paper_details/pdf/TR1AU1MMFLAFP/green_enginee

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LCD-TV and 2D Color dimming

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