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Bottled Water Cost Calculator

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Description: How much water do you drink? Enter the total number of 16 oz bottled of water you drink in a year: 365 Cost of Tap Water per Gallon: 0.002 Cost of 16 oz Bottled Water (typical is $1.50) $1.50 Impact Total Water Consumed: 57 gallons Extra Water Required for Production and Purification: 114 gallons Energy Required for Manufacturing; 37 megajoules Oil Required to Produce the Plastic Bottle(s): 9 gallons CO2 to Manufacture Plastic Bottle(s): 68 pounds Your Extra Cost for Bottled Water: $546.77 Available at : http://www.newdream.org/water/calculator.php Energy and Bottled Water Author: Janna Dettmer

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Bottled Water Cost Calculator

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