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Bionanomaterials applications

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Description: Bionanomaterials 1) orthopedic prostheses such as total knee and hip joint replacements, spinal implants, bone fixators, and tendon and ligament prostheses; 2) cardiovascular implants such as artificial heart valves, vascular grafts and stents, pacemakers, and implantable defibrillators; 3) neural implants (e.g., cochlear implants) and cerebrospinal fluid drainage systems (e.g., hydrocephalus shunts); 4) plastic and reconstructive implants such as breast augmentation or reconstruction, maxillofacial reconstruction, artificial larynx, penile implants, and injectable collagen for soft tissue augmentation; 5) dental implants to replace teeth/root systems and bony tissue in the oral cavity; 6) ophthalmic systems including contact and intraocular lenses; 7) catheters and bladder stimulators; 8) drug-dispensing implants such as insulin pumps; 9) general surgical systems such as sutures, staples, adhesives, and blood substitutes. Nanotechnology in Medical Research Author: Marc

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Bionanomaterials applications

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