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Upload Instructions

Please read the Upload Agreement, in which you agree to respect the Intellectual Property of others, and click Accept.
The person who wrote the article should be the person who uploads it, whenever possible. Why? The person who signs in to weSRCH and uploads the paper will be listed as the author, both on the home page and in the list of articles.
The author does have the option to authorize someone else within his/her organization to upload the article, providing access to his/her username and password.
If the author cannot do the posting, we can arrange to have it posted in other ways. Contact support@wesrch.com.
To post a paper in PDF, DOC, EXCEL, PPT format:
Choose the category among the choices in the pull-down menu.
Fill in the title, no more than 90-100 characters.
Fill in the Short Headline, no more than 20 characters. The Short Headline will be used when the paper gets enough hits to be inserted into the “Hot Papers” area.
Browse and select the location of the file on your computer (follow any special instructions for a particular file type you are uploading)
Browse and select an image. This “icon” could be a graphic which illustrates the article, either in JPEG or GIF format. Or it could be the author’s photo. The icon will appear in the Hot Papers box.
If the author does not have a photo or graphic to use as an icon, please choose from among the icons available from WeSRCH.
Preview, and then click upload.
If the paper needs further corrections, the person who uploaded the paper has the option to go to the bottom of the file, click on Delete, and Submit. After the corrections are made, the author can upload a corrected version.
To post a paper in PDF, DOC, EXCEL, PPT format: (following are required fields)
Choose a Category from the pull-down menu.
Fill in the Title and Short Headline boxes.
If the article is text created with Microsoft Word, please make sure any Popup blockers within the Browser are disabled.
Please open the file on your computer and copy the article, using the Select All, Copy All commands.
Click the mouse, once, in the Matter section, i.e., the box where the body of the text will appear. This activates the WeSRCH toolbar.
Move your pointer to the Toolbar and click on the icon for Microsoft Word. Paste the text in the Cleanup Window. Click OK.
Scroll down and fill in the optional spaces for conclusion and references.
Browse and select a photo or graphic which illustrates the article as the icon, either in JPEG or GIF format. The icon will be used if the paper receives enough visits to become one of the three Hot Papers.
If the author does not have a graphic or photo to use as the paper’s icon, please choose from among the icons available from WeSRCH.
Click Preview to check the article. Please look at the spacing between the paragraphs, so the article is easily readable.
WeSRCH can accept as many as six photos or graphics in JPEG or Gif formats.
Write short captions for the photos/graphics.
Preview the article and images, and finally, Upload. If the file is large with several graphics, it may take a few minutes to Upload.
Be patient.
Click on the View Papers icon and make sure the article appears correctly. If the article needs correcting, the person who logged in and uploaded the article has the option at the bottom of the file to delete the article, make corrections, and start over again.
To post notices of technical conferences, they must be in text form (not as PDFs)
Please go to the Select Upload Type and select “Conference” – the text option is the only option for Conferences. Fill in the Conference title, the date of the meeting, and paste in a description of the conference, including a hyperlink to the conference’s Web site.
WeSRCH allows people to rate a conference and offer comments on the conference experience. The feedback will help guide members on which conferences are worth attending, and give conference organizers information that can be used to improve next year’s meeting.
Job postings and Resume Postings must be in Text format. If the documents are created in Microsoft Word, please use the Word commands for Select All, Copy All, use the pop up Toolbox, select the Word icon, and paste in the resume or job posting in the Clean Up box. Click OK.
  Thank you for using WeSRCH.
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