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UK Biobank Supercharges Medicine with Gene Data on 500,000 Brits

A database of DNA and health measurements is offering new clues into everything from who gets diabetes to who likes a pint of beer.
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Happiness is an elusive state of mind that many people aim to maximize. Now researchers have found a way to predict happiness levels using smart watch data.

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Unlike opioid addiction, methamphetamine abuse disorders can't be treated with currently available medications.

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Children are often barred from initial clinical trials, even when a treatment might save their lives.

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Scientists fear a crackdown on embryo research if President Trump pays attention to scientific advances.

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Scientists fear a crackdown on embryo research if President Trump pays attention to scientific advances.

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After a disappointing clinical trial in 2015, scientists are trying anew to mend failing hearts with a gene.

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Will you be among the first to pick your kids' IQ? As machine learning unlocks predictions from DNA databases, scientists say parents could have choices never before possible.

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AUDIO: MIT Technology Review's Biomedicine Editor, Antonio Regalado has looked a lot at brain implant technology and its promise or its distance from us right now.

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Building a scientific framework that distills the rules of life is a challenge scientists are now tackling. This is leading to an exciting array of projects that will lead to breakthroughs in such thi

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AI is only loosely modeled on the brain. So what if you wanted to do it right? You'd need to do what has been impossible until now: map what actually happens in neurons and nerve fibers.

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Scientists are hopeful they can inject the gene-editing technology directly into the ear to stop hereditary deafness.

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Scientists are investigating a range of different delivery mechanisms for the gene-editing tool, from topical gels to skin grafts.

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A one-time gene therapy that costs half a million dollars sounds crazy until you add up what it costs to treat some diseases over a lifetime.

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The same technology that allows researchers to design viruses and vaccines for specific genetic targets also allows them to design organisms that can spread and kill.

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The prosthesis could help more people who have lost their vision than a device already on the market.

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The approach could treat patients in dire need faster at a lower price, but questions remain about safety.

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Neuroscientists have long observed biophotons produced in brain tissue. Nobody knows what these photons are for, but researchers are beginning to explore the possibilities.

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The potentially life-saving cancer vaccine has been around for more than a decade, so why isn't everyone getting it?

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