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Buzz Pluto's mountains in this gorgeous NASA video - CNET

You'll feel like you might bump into Pluto's mountains with a NASA video showing a first-person flyover as seen by the New Horizons spacecraft.
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Astronauts on the space station don't have dogs or cats to keep them company, so sometimes they create their own microgravity pets.

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CNET's Dan Ackerman joins to talk about buying the iPhone X and how Rwanda is embracing tech to revitalize it's health care and economy. Also, we talk about a new CNET podcast!

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Join us on Tuesday, September 19, at 11am EST for an interactive online discussion with Kerry Emanuel, a professor of atmospheric science at MIT and a leading hurricane forecaster. The conversation w

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The DOE's $62 million into concentrated solar projects could push forward a technology that addresses a critical shortcoming of photovoltaics.

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A radiative cooling technology could help cut energy consumption in new buildings by nearly 70 percent-and significantly shave demand in existing structures, too.

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Some developers worry their accounts had been hacked after their home address is changed to a (misspelled) city in Russia.

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Spiders aren't child's play Down Under, where numerous species can put you in the hospital with their dangerous bites.

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If it works as expected, the Net Power natural gas demonstration plant will capture carbon at nearly no cost.

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The tech entrepreneur, who wants to build a tunnel network for cars starting in Los Angeles, finds a sweet underground parking spot for his Tesla Model S.

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Get to know James Martin, the man who brings life to CNET through his camera lens. Find out how he sliced his wrist on the job!

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If Moore's law continues, electronic devices will consume more than half the world's energy budget within 20 years. To prevent that, we need a fundamentally new material.

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Things are looking up for wind power-way up. Wind is now competitive with fossil fuels in many areas of the world, while the rise of turbines to new heights figures to bring down costs even more.

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By reworking the basic metabolism of crops, plant scientists hope to forestall devastating food shortages.

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If the Beatles didn't make it big in the US in 1964, the entire history of rock music might have turned out very differently.

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Ikea has reportedly updated its Tradfri smart bulb software to include compatibility with Apple's HomeKit system.

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A China Titans affiliate bought the bankrupt storage startup Aquion and plans to sell its batteries directly to big grid operators.

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Don't get too worried: Someone would have to get access to your smart speaker to make it possible to listen in.

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Backed by $3 million in federal funds, scientists are assessing how geoengineering would impact agriculture, glaciers, sea levels and more.

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Google is expanding the capabilities of its Gboard smart keyboard for iOS beyond simply typing with the addition of drawing, Maps and YouTube.

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Harvard's David Keith explains why it's time to move forward with outdoor experiments and broader research programs.

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