weSRCH.com is a virtual technology forum for professionals who engage in the fields of Electronics, Energy, and Medicine. We started it because we are professionals who needed an open communications and information platform. We needed something well-organized to save our time. But it also had to be self-organized. So back in 2006 we sat down and designed it with in mind. And then we redesigned it ... again ... and again. And then we wanted an App. And so on and so on. We just keep improving it as we go.

About the name: We do research, we are researchers, and wanted this to be for all researchers. But then came the question of what to call this website. So we started with the word 'research.' Split apart, research means to search again ... and again ... and again, which is why we were so frustrated with the web. Worse, there was no way to just browse for what you might need, but didn't know you need until you saw it. So, why not put the power of we in the re-search? Drop the vowels to cut keystrokes and you get weSRCH.

The power of WE in REsearch: The idea was to use the key driver of innovation: emergent behavior. We believed that, done right, the cumulative effort of users and computers should self-organize the information for everyone: so the re becomes we.

We wanted something to help users stay abreast with the latest news and innovations.
We wanted something to help discover how others were solving problems in their fields.
We wanted something broader to learn about advancements in other fields.
We wanted something quick to consume, hence the focus on presentations, not prose.
We wanted a place to contribute to the knowledge base - to be a part of the conversation.
We wanted a place for contributors to raise their visibility.
We wanted a place to people actively manage career by contributing.
We wanted a place where this visibility would raise personal value.
We wanted a way for people to push their pay up in today's competitive job market, rather than waiting on those in the cloud to pull it up.
We wanted a way to help people justify attending real conferences to those in the cloud by being able to show the value of the concluded conferences.
We didn't want to compete with conferences. We wanted to complement them.
We didn't want to replace trade journals. We wanted to direct you to them.

Doing this means we must accomplish many things: First, weSRCH is a global conference that runs 24/7. Unlike a conference, you don't have to be there. You can attend when you want and where you want. It doesn't replace real world conferences. It supplements them, allowing you focus on your precious time, while finding the conferences you need to attend. And having the take-aways you need to justify attending for your organization.

weSRCH also keeps you up to date with news, trends, and events by providing you filtered snippets of information organized to get you to the right information to read now, or save it for later. Either way, each snippet has links that take to publishers that have the content you need. It might be a familiar trade journal, or an obscure local publication near a company or person you are following.

Our approach with weSRCH is unique. We are researchers ourselves who have developed extensive database and web technology to solve our problems. One day we realized that our problems were yours: that we needed a more organized web where we could have information delivered to us, at a single, rather than have to search for it, or check multiple sites each day. Deciding to share it and make it open led to the creation of weSRCH.com