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Spring is the season that celebrates fresh new beginnings, it’s a season filled with such natural beauty and color. Once winter is over, I can’t wait to celebrate spring’s glorious return by infusing our home with the colors, shapes, and scents of spring.

I am so honored that Victoria Magazine asked me to share my top 5 decorating ideas for spring.

It is so rewarding to reimagine and refresh our existing rooms by adding a few show-stopping accessories, or just re-arranging some of the antiques that are already there.

Living in California, our garden bursts into bloom quite early, and I draw inspiration from mother nature. Our garden is visible through large French windows in the living room, I let it take center stage in my decorating. I bring in lots of soft neutral colors of white, cream and linen, with just a few colorful accents.

As an antique dealer, I am always trying to incorporate our heirloom antiques into our home’s design in a new way, so change is a constant.

For spring, I edit my collections and display fewer pieces to freshen up and lighten the look of our rooms. I display a few antique French porcelains with pastel colors on my tea tray.

Pillows in soft colors line our couch in the living room. I design simpler table settings for the dining table with silver, china, and antique white table linens, so that my flower arrangements can really take center stage.

1. Bring the Beauty of Nature Indoors

In spring, bring the beauty and scent of fresh flowers to your home. Flowers and blooming branches add the colors of spring. To create a stylish spring arrangement, choose an unusual antique container. Your heirloom sterling teapot, an antique ironstone pitcher, or even a few Limoges teacups filled with flowers, these all celebrate the joy of spring in your own personal style.

2. Lighten up

Choose lighter color accents in a softer color palette. Shift to a subdued palette of bisque, cream, white and linen colors. Pantone’s color of the year, greenery, is the perfect revitalizing accent for this soothing color scheme, bringing a pop of spring to your room.

3. Curate Your Collections

Creating a home surrounded by things you love is a beautiful way to express yourself. Your collections infuse your home with your personality and evoke memories of places and people you love. Spring is the time to edit, perhaps put a few of your pieces into storage to really let the ones on display shine! Or mass a number of your items together in one exceptional presentation in an antique French armoire, or on a silver tray.

4. Focus on Floral Patterns

Add seasonal touches to your home by displaying flower-themed decorative accents. Antique floral hand painted porcelains on your tea table, a rich floral patterned French pillow on your settee, these all whisper spring in a beautiful way. For your desk, a flower bedecked antique set sets the tone for spring!

5. Set a Fresh New Table

As the season changes, reimagine your table settings. Be daring and try something new! Combine your antique dishes with a new charger or plate, add a contemporary striped linen napkin, mix up patterns. Table settings are not about being perfect, have fun and create some new looks for entertaining that makes your heart light up

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