9 Ball Rules and Scoring: What are the Dimensions?

 Kevin Brown

Nine ball or 9 ball is a contemporary form of pool i.e. pocket billiards. This game is played in a diamond configuration. The object of the game is to pocket all the nine ball in the respective numerical order. In order to play this game follow the 9 ball rules that are mentioned below:

9 Ball Rules

  • In order to have a legal hit, the player should hit the lowest ball first.
  • After hitting the lowest ball, the cue ball should hit the 9 ball into any of the pockets for the score or win the game.
  • For instance, if the player hits the lowest numbered ball or any ball from the pack of 9 ball then that player should continue his or her innings.
  • If there is a case no ball is hit or pocketed then either the cue ball or a numbered ball from the pack of 9 ball should touch the rail, this is supposed to be done after the cue ball hits the lowest numbered ball and it will be considered as a legal shot.
  • Often there are times when a player will pocket a ball from the packet of 9 ball illegally then it is the responsibility of the opponent player to be spotted at the foot spot.
  • The lag for a break will be decided as per the speed of the players.
  • However, a player that has the lowest speed will be having a break after the following player, as per the descending order.

The ball are racked in the following order:

  1. The first ball will be at the top of the diamond
  2. At the center of the diamond, there will be the 9 ball
  3. At the bottom of the diamond, there will be 2 ball
  4. However, the rest ball will be placed randomly
  • After the rack has been removed a player cannot touch or change the position of the ball. If that has been done, then the player has to re-rack the ball.
  • In order to conduct a legal shot then the breaker can either pocket a numbered ball or make at least (3) number ball to one or more rails.
  • For an instance, there is a situation the breaker fails to make the legal break requirement then the ball are supposed to be re-racked and whereas the player (opponent) will have the opportunity to break or request the player (opponent) to break again.
  • There can also be a case where the cue ball will successfully be touched by the cue tip but fails to meet the legal break requirement then it will be considered as an “illegal break”.
  • If there is a case where the breaker successfully makes a legal break but commits a foul while the legal break, then the game will be continued with the player (competitor).

The case or situation which is considered as the break fouls are given below:

  1. The ball (1 ball) does not get struck first.
  2. The cue ball gets pocked or may be driven off the table.
  3. A numbered ball leaves the table.
  4. A numbered ball gets hit in such a way that it comes on top of the rail.

If the following cases occur, then it will be considered as foul with the cue ball only:

  1. By touching the cue ball.
  2. Touching a moving object ball.
  3. A case where the still object is touched.

9 Ball Scoring

  • The players should avoid soft hits that will help to score more or pocket the ball successfully.

In order to score more, the fouls should be avoided and the cases for the fouls are mentioned below:

  1. Every foul should be called as well as acknowledge before the next shot is being played.
  2. When the cue ball is touched or moved.
  3. Couching any player.
  4. The cue ball is hit in such a way that it goes out of the table or it gets into a pocket.
  5. The first ball that has been shot with the help of cue ball is not the lowest numbered ball then it will be considered as a foul.
  6. When shooting has been done from less than one foot on the floor then it will be considered a foul.
  7. The ball that has been unpocketed and it jumps from the table then it would not be considered while playing the game i.e. it will be out from the game.
  • A situation where the cue ball is in the hand of the player then he or she can continue to adjust the position of the cue ball until he takes a shot.
  • Avoid all the rules and score more with the help of 9 ball pool rules during the game.

9 Ball Rack Dimensions

  • 9 ball rack: 9 ball diamond.
  • Inner width: 6.75” | 17.15cm
  • Inner height: 10” | 25.51cm
  • Materials: Wood, plastic, metal

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