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Everything You Need to Know About Alcohol by Volume Calculator

Alcohol or ethanol is that ingredient which is present in alcoholic drinks such as beer, wine, vodka, etc. From the level of after drink behavior will tell you the concentration of alcohol in your body. In order to have just quality of pleasure, you should consume alcohol in reasonable volume. How is alcohol made? Well, when yeast is fermented alcohol is formed. The following table will let you know the percentage of alcohol content:

Type of Drink Percentage Range
Beer 2% to 6% of alcohol
Cider 4% to 8% of alcohol
Wine 8% to 20% of alcohol
Tequila 40% of alcohol
Rum 40% and more of alcohol
Brandy 40% and more of alcohol
Gin 40% to 47% of alcohol
Whiskey 40% to 50% of alcohol
Vodka 40% to 50% of alcohol
Liqueurs 15% to 60% of alcohol

When alcohol is consumed at high range then it acts to depress the central nervous system at high doses whereas it will give a pleasant feeling when alcohol is consumed a small range of percentage. Keep in mind that when alcohol is consumed at high range then increases the talkativeness, drowsiness, respiratory depression, coma or even death.

Formula of Alcohol

Alcohol is an organic compound when observed from the chemical point of view. It is also considered as an organic derivative of water (H2O) where one hydrogen atom gets replaced by an alkyl group. The ethyl alcohol I which alkyl group is the ethyl group –CH3CH3. Alcohol is used in perfume production. Ethanol and methanol have the highest usage of different products.

ABV calculator is the best tool to know the percentage of alcohol in your Scotch whiskey drink. From the below-mentioned blog, one can find

Alcohol by Volume

ABV is known as an acronym for Alcohol by Volume. It is known as a standard measure in order to measure the alcohol volume in alcoholic drinks or beverages. The result can be known in the percentage form. Ideally, the number of milliliters (ml) of alcohol can be known in the result of ABV. ABV calculator is used worldwide.

Method of ABV Calculator

Specific gravity is known as the standard method of estimating ABV. The relative density of a liquid compared with the density of water can be known through the specific gravity method. Variation in specific gravity of spirit occurs when fermentation occurs. One can come to know the extent of changes.

Remember, all the formulas for finding ABV are approximate so do not rely completely on the results. The most applied formula or equation is:

ABV = (OG - FG) * 131.25





Alcohol by volume. A Percentage is the nature of the result


Original specific Gravity. Can be measured through hydrometer.


Final specific Gravity. Should be measured after fermentation.

According to the need, one can recalculate the result received from the above formula into alcohol by weight. In that case, apply the following formula:

ABV = ABW / (0.789 + 0.211 * ABW)

An exact amount of alcohol can be known through beer calculator, respective of the volume of alcoholic beverages. For that result below mentioned formula is useful:

Alcohol Volume = total value * ABV

How to operate an Alcohol volume calculator with an example:

Let’s assume that you are having red wine. Then all you need to is

1. Step 1:

Firstly adjust with hydrometer then observe weather clear water’s result is showing equal to 1 and if not do the needful.

2. Step 2:

You need to read the hydrometer result of your red wine before fermentation begins.

3. Step 3:

Have another hydrometer reading of your red wine after fermentation.

4. Step 4:

Input the above results into the following formula

ABV = (OG - FG) * 131.25%

ABV = (OG - FG) * 131.25%

87.9375% = 0.67 * 131.25

5. Step 5:

Once you get results of ABV then the volume of alcohol can be known through multiplying with a total volume of red wine in a bottle or glass.

Alcohol Facts:

  • Brain cells just need 6 minutes in order to react to alcohol.
  • The alcohol which is safe for the body is ethanol or ethyl alcohol. It is used in beer, spirits, etc.
  • In this modern era where a mouth is sufficient to spread a word, alcohol has been wrongly taken in mind. In America 1 of 8 adults face alcohol use disorder.
  • According to the survey, 86.4% of people have drunk alcohol at some point in their lifetime.
  • In a comparison of which gender drinks more alcohol than men before women.

The fallacy of Alcohol:

  • Wine or beer is completely safe.
  • Moderate consumption of alcohol is not harmful.
  • Coffee will help you from the side effect of alcohol.
  • It is safe to consume alcohol from unknown origin.
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