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Aerodynamics Development with CFD for Low Speed Racing Car

 Tetsuya Fujimoto
Description: History of Formula SAE- Formula SAE® is a student design competition organized by SAE International (formerly Society of Automotive Engineers). Students are requested to develop a small Formula-style race car with a fictional manufacturing company The car is to be evaluated for its potential as a production item, Each student team designs, builds and tests a prototype based on a series of rules. The prototype race car is judged in a number of different events. Special features of formula SAE racing car- The engine should be 4-stroke and smaller than 610cc. In order to limit the power capability from the engine, a single circular restrictor must be placed in the intake system between the throttle and the engine and all engine airflow must pass through the restrictor. The vehicle must be open-wheeled and open-cockpit (a formula style body) with four (4) wheels that are not in a straight line. In plain view, no part of any aerodynamic device, wing, under tray or splitter can be further forward than 762 mm (30 inches) forward of the fronts of the front tires, no further rearward than 305 mm (12 inches) rearward of the rear of the rear tires and no wider than the outside of the front tires or rear tires measured at the height of the hubs, whichever is wider. No power device may be used to move or remove air from under the vehicle except fans designed exclusively for cooling. Power ground effects are prohibited. Front wing- Front wing had been modified manually, Designing them with Ajdoint solver is next challenge. Rear wing- Rear wing had been modified automatically with adjoint solver and jouanal based on 2013 2D model. Valuable angled velocity inlet with air speed of 60km/h and k-ω turbulent viscosity model had been applied. Rear wing- Based on manual adapted profile, 3d analysis had been done. For the new profile, endplates had been changed and downforce increased for the wide range of AoA.
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An example of aerodynamics development with
CFD for low speed racing car (Formula SAE)


Tetsuya Fujimoto
M2, Mechanical engineering, Sophia University

Table of Contents
• What is the “Formula SAE”
• Special feature of Formula SAE racing car
• Historical aerodynamics developments at Sophia Racing
• Latest instance

Table of Contents
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