Alkaline Foods Chart for A Healthy Living

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With the changing time, eating habits are also changing. People are getting more conscious about their body and tend to stay fit and healthy in the current scenario. Lots of effort are put in by people using different techniques and food methods out of which Alkaline Foods are very healthy and popular food type. Let’s have a look at the Alkaline Foods Chart.

What is Alkaline Foods Chart

Alkaline ash diet or the acid-alkaline diet is also known as the alkaline diet. The measurement of acidity or alkalinity of your body is premised so that your diet can alter the pH value. While you are on Alkaline Diet you tend to lose weight, eat healthy food like fruits and vegetables and drink lots and lots of water. The Alkaline Foods Chart will help you select the best food leading to a healthy life.

Let’s Have a Look on the Food Recipes in the Alkaline Foods Chart

Kate Hudson and other celebrities are fuelled by the daily intake of Alkaline Foods over a year now since the alkaline diet has been around for some time now. To keep us fit our bodies need to be in a relatively alkaline state and this is exactly the idea of being healthy. If there is anything above 7, it is being alkaline and if there is anything below it then it is being acidic and the pH scale should be somewhere between 1 to 14 units. In order to improve digestion and help prevent fatigue, allergies, osteoporosis, obesity, cancer, and other conditions. Some of ‘alkaline foods’ are undeniably the healthiest around tough the scientific jury is still out on the exacts of it.

List of Alkaline Foods Chart


Lentils are relatively quick and easy to prepare, compared to other types of dried beans, which are a mighty dose of nutrition mini-sized legumes that are packed nicely Minerals, fiber, and protein are present in each serving. They are available throughout the year and are high in nutritional value. A variety of wonderful flavours from other foods and seasonings are readily absorbed by lentils.


Turnips are one of our favourite winter root vegetables, which are also known as the white turnip or Brassica Rapa. Known worldwide for its white, fleshy taproot it commonly grows in temperate climates and is a root vegetable.


The deciduous old-world tree or shrub which is eaten fresh or dried and has sweet dark flesh is known as Fig. It is soft pear-shaped fruit with many small seeds which crops up again and again in the scriptures


A cruciferous a vegetable that is known around the world as “swede” but is called rutabaga primarily in North America is what a Rutabaga (Brassica napus) is. Even at larger sizes, Rutabagas stay tender.

Alkaline Drinks

We have not only understood what Alkaline means but we also tried to figure out a few foods that consist of Alkaline diet plan. Now we will move on too few drinks that are termed as Alkaline Drinks and are included in Alkaline Foods Charts.


Juice is the liquid form of a fruit or anything. When we don’t feel like eating fruit in its original form we opt for grinding it up and transforming it into a liquid state. We do variations by adding up milk or ice to juice. We should try to avoid juices that are pre-packed in a tetra box or bottle. The fresh the juice the more useful it is for the health.


Lemonade is the most useful during summer. They not only quench your thirst but fulfil the requirement of Vitamin C in your body. They are the energy booster when it comes to stress relief and feeling uneasiness. So don’t forget to grab a glass of your chilled lemonade this summer.

Coconut Water:

Coconut is the best and healthy drink of mother nature. It is naturally sweet, gives you energy and a sense of satisfaction when it comes to thirst quenching. A glass of coconut water after a workout will help you get nourished.

Herbal Tea:

Herbal tea is good for health as it helps in Metabolism, energizes you for the entire day. It comes in different flavours and can be enjoyed hot with ice or. Ginger can be added to the tea to make it healthier. It can be in the crushed or sliced form.

Alkaline foods also include high protein food such as meat, fish, and chicken. Apart from this, various nuts, spices, fruits, drinks, and vegetables are part of Alkaline Foods Chart.

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Kevin Brown
15 September, 2019
Kevin Brown
15 September, 2019
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