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Application of CFD-Simulations on a Race Car

 René Henn
Description: The 3rd European Hyperworks Technology Conference for Application of Results from CFD-Simulations on a Race Car. Application of the core competencles of the institut fuer kraffahrzeuge and the tuning akademia in a motorsport project which include lightweight design, passive safety, driving dynamics, adaption of driving dynamic control systems in motorsport, optimisation of the drivetrain and alternative fuels. the Design of a CFRP Hood load cases are Analysis of the stiffness of the reference hood and Target: design of a CFRP hood with equal performance concerning stiffness. CFD-Simulations which Pre-Processing for CFD-Simulation. Creating a half model with symmetry plane. Generating of a closed room around the vehicle (with appropriate distance between vehicle and ""walls"", to enable a preferably uninfluenced simulated flow). Elimination of free edges (e.g. vehicle, engine compartment and outer room enclose a volume). Combination of single collectors to larger units. Generating of a multi-layerd boundary layer out of volume elements on the around-circulated surfaces (vehicle, road). Mesh of the ""air"" with tetraeders (interpolating size of the volume elements and Input of the important parameters in SC/Tetra. the Mass reduction of 60 % by substitution of aluminium by CFRP in the hood at equal performance and Air-intake was optimised in CFD-simulation and in the wind channel.
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3rd European Hyperworks Technology

Application of Results from CFD-Simulations
on a Race Car

Ludwigsburg, November 3rd 2009
Dipl.-Ing. René Henn, Dipl.-Ing. Leif Ickert
Institut für Kraftfahrzeuge
RWTH Aachen University
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28 October 2009

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