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Sorts of Black Magic:

Enchantment is essentially words and they utilize (hitches) and so forth to make it more grounded yet the treatment is in the Qur'an and we utilize water, oil.

different materials to make it all the more intense. There are four approaches to making enchantment and they are:

1 GIVEN IN FOOD : When enchantment is done on eatable or drinkable substances it will stick inside your stomach like paste, this has no medicinal explanation however it might bring about unexplained swelling and differing digestive issues in a man. It is treated with 1 tablespoon of Senna leaves bubbled in 500ml of Quranic water (see above) for 10 minutes and after that smashed on an unfilled stomach. If you don't mind take note of this may bring about genuine loose bowels and agony (may have a craving for expelling paste from your skin) in a patient. Drink it more than once until it doesn't bring about agony any more. At the point when a lady has enchantment all the time it will go to her youngster and it can make kids terrible-tempered or rebellious furthermore physically powerless and such kids ought to be treated with Senna leaves for four (4) days and a pregnant and breastfeeding lady will pass this to the tyke and that is fine, generally (little measurements) of Senna can be offered specifically to the kid.


When enchantment is put in the body by a Jinn and this causes dysfunctioning of different parts of the body e.g. you can't comprehend things at School or you overlook things what you have beforehand comprehended or to prevent a lady from getting to be pregnant and it is expelled by measuring (Hijamah) as expressed in the Hadeeth of Sayyidina Rasul-ullah (Sallaho Alaihe Wassallam) that measuring (Hijamah) is cure for forty (40) maladies and Magic, however, you should play out the measuring (Hijamah) where there is the issue and afterward perused the Ruqyah on the patient. The Qur'an will smolder the Jinn or the Magic and the measuring (Hijamah) will evaluate it yet please take note of that the technique is not quite the same as should be expected to measure (Hijamah) in light of the fact that we are not attempting to cure an infection but rather expel the Jinn or Magic and the cuts are little and not a ton of blood should be taken.and this should be possible at whatever time and any day.If you go to a typical measuring (Hijamah) then recount the Qur'an or hear it out amid the methodology and Insha'Allah it will have an impact.


This implies they take your hair or your photograph or your garments and they make bunches or butcher creatures (on it) and cover it in cemeteries or well and this is hazardous to evacuate for the specialist. Present [6:122] 11 times and add it to the water by either perusing (and blowing) or weakening the water (with its composition) with it and let the patient wash themselves with it and the Magic will leave and there is no motivation to go to cemetery and uncover it and so forth. There are 45 verses for 45 various types of Magic and approaches to perceiving the particular sort of Magic.

أَ4Contact: The fourth path is by contact is commonly its by strolling and it could be incidental or intentionally set in your direction or should be possible on items e.g. we have seen Magic done on the lipsticks or a scarf of a lady and so forth. For the treatment whichever part of the body has issues should be done and the patient is given the (Qur'an) treated water to utilize.

Rundown of Prescription Shaykh Abderraouf Ben Halima (HA) for treating Jinn:

The man is more grounded then Jinn and Allah (SWT) has likewise favored men to Jinn by making humans His (SWT's) his Khaleefa so we ought not to be under the insurance of Jinn and needn't bother with them. When you see Jinns in your fantasies it is your fantasy yet their world and regularly they come in your fantasies as things, evil presences, military, mutts pursuing you and so on and you just present Bismillah, Allahu-Akbar and look for AllaH (SWT's) security and it will stop them and they will flee.

1 Nightmares and bad dreams

: When you get him read AyatulKursi and the Qur'an and when he is dead in the fantasies he is truly dead. On the off chance that you have bad dreams and so on then set yourself up before resting by perusing Adhkaar, Ayatul-Kursi , Sunnah does and you make dua to Allah (SWT) to acquire this Jinn you dream and for you to overwhelm him and afterward you recount the verse [2:148] in your fantasy when you get him and rehash this verse until he is dead. Try not to stress and don't get frightened over Jinn's family and so on. On the off chance that its your youngster or your mom or your significant other influenced then you can make dua to Allah (SWT) to make their Jinn show up in your fantasy and the individual will Insha'Allah be cured. On the off chance that you experience a Jinn or a man who has done Magic on you in the fantasy then the harm which you cause upon him (or her) in the fantasy actually happens.

2 identifying the cause:

Please comprehend that numerous individuals go a Shaykh and request that he make Istikhara or somebody says that a Jinn lets them know about who did Magic and so forth and every one of this is Islamically inadmissible and futile! Manage the issue as indicated by Shariah and don't dig into who did what or who and so on.

3 powerful methods for overcoming Jinns:

Following are five (5) methods for defeating Jinns:

a Dreams: Make sincere dua for the Jinn to come into your fantasies and you overcome them in the dreamworld.

b Paralysis: In some circumstance when you are resting you feel an overwhelming weight upon you and you feel incapacitated and for this situation swing to close your hands (grip clench hands) and recount Qur'an in your mind until the weight is eased and you can get the Jinn and discuss Qur'an on it.

c Appearing in Life: They don't show up as typical yet once in a while (as Hadeeth demonstrates) that they do show up in our ordinary lives and in the event that you see something unusual and you don't know how it arrived and it is alarming you then firstly comprehend that you can't make a Jinn vanish by turning away so settle your look on the item and afterward recount Ayatul-Kursi on the article.

d Physical Possession: This is when individuals are had with Jinn and they shout and act oddly and unusual voices leave the individual. The treatment is to hold the patient and present Ayatul-Kursi and you tenderly tap the neck yet like you are hacking the neck of the individual and Insha'Allah the Jinn will feel that the individual is getting their head cut off and will flee and when the patient resuscitates you make dua for Allah (SWT) to bring the Jinn back and recount verse [2:148] so you don't give him a chance to escape with these amusements and when the Jinn is back it implies that the circumstance is currently turned around that it is the force of Allah (SWT) which has brought on the Jinn to be had and you keep on gently tap the neck and discuss Ayatul-Kursi until the Jinn gets to be Muslim or it passes on. In the event that its a pack of Jinns then you keep on reciting verse [2:148] until they all come and you talk about the matter of them tolerating Islam.

negative Inclinations:

You have to catch the consideration of the Jinn and this is finished by talking i.e. when you are conversing with somebody they must choose the option to pay consideration to you so you connect with the Jinn in discussion and afterward you recount verse [30:21] and this accentuates to the Jinn that they can't mate or fabricate association with human and this verse should be presented around 30 times. Keep in mind that Jinns are not extremely insightful so don't convey long discussion, rather present the verses of the Qur'an. EXPERT BLACK MAGIC CURE SERVICES BY AMIL BABA

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