Nutrients Play an Important Role to Keep You Healthy!

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Everyone loves to stay healthy? Don’t you? Eating junk food eventually compromises your health these days and that’s something which must be taken care of. You need to avoid that and instead intake some healthy food such as fresh fruits & leafy vegetables. Make sure that you get enough nutrients in your diet so that you stay healthy.

As we all know if we don’t get sufficient nutrients from our daily diet then it will lead to deficiency syndromes and diseases in our body. Just like deficiency of Iron is a very common among people. Deficiency of Vitamin D is also common thing which causes many bone problems. Some other deficiency symptoms include dry skin, hair loss, mouth sores, brittle hair and nails, and bleeding gums. To keep all these away, you need a healthy diet for sure. Get ready to know the important nutrients which your body needs to be healthy.

Which Type of Nutrients You Will Get from Your Food?

There are two types of Nutrients, Macronutrients and Micronutrients. Both plays a major role to maintain your physical and mental health.

#1. Macronutrients: This type of nutrients provides energy or calories like, Fat, Protein and Carbohydrates. Let’s have a look this one by one.

• Fat: This Macronutrient is essential for muscle movement, blood clotting, vitamin and mineral absorption for hormones and building cells. Fish, nuts, and seeds are a very good source of Fat which helps you to fight against diseases like, cancer, arthritis, and Alzheimer. It can also manage your blood sugar level, type 2 diabetes and also reduce the risk of heart disease.

• Protein: Protein is very essential and important nutrients. Protein is necessary for your body growth as well as keeps your health and body growth. For that it makes the blocks of cells like, hair, muscles, and bones.

• Carbohydrates: Whole Grains, vegetables, beans, and fruits are a very good source of Carbohydrates. Carbohydrates provide fuel for your brain, nervous system and muscle.

#2. Micronutrients: These types of nutrients are not gives you calories. By consuming these types of nutrients you will get vitamins and minerals which are also necessary for your body.

• Vitamins: As we all know there are 13 Vitamins which helps to run your body function properly. Vitamins also help to fight against various diseases and live a healthy life. Getting enough amounts of Vitamins to boost the immune system, maintain healthy vision, fight against diseases like, Cancer and helps to reduce skin and bones problems.

• Minerals: Just like Vitamins minerals are also necessary for your body to regulate metabolism, make your teeth and bones stronger. For making your teeth and bones stronger you need Calcium while for healing wound and immunity zinc is essential for your body. To create hormones and making red blood cells iron is necessary.

Apart from this, water and dietary fibers are essential nutrients for your body. Vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and pulses are a very good source of fiber which reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Fiber also keeps your digestive system healthy. On the other hand, water is also useful for your body which helps to improve your metabolism system.

So what keeps you waiting? Isn’t this a right time to change your diet and get healthy? Take an action now and live a healthy life! After all, health is wealth!

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