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 Meera Rawat

Royal Taste Of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is one of the exotic destinations of India and with its rich history, remarkable portraits, delicious food, and beautiful palaces, this state has marked its unique image amongst the travellers. Every region of Rajasthan is famous for its trademark dishes and variety of cuisines. The state has a plethora of unique tastes to offer-ranging from tangy drinks to delicious and mouthwatering snacks, luscious main course sabzis along with a variety of chutneys, papad, achar (pickle) and Chach (buttermilk). Further, delicate desserts and crunchy delights that melt in mouth instantly cannot be ignored, which acts as the cherry on the cake for Rajasthani cuisine.

Here is the list of some most popular dishes across the state that you must taste:

Dal Baati Churma

This is the signature dish of Rajasthan is an alliance of crunchy batis dipped in ghee, sizzling daal and sugary Churma, which makes it world famous platter. From festivals to celebrating little and big moments, Rajasthanis never leave an opportunity to relish this dish!

Laal Maas

Rajasthani cuisine is incomplete without this delicious and spicy dish. It is one of the favorite dishes of people across India. Laal Maas is quite spicy and its fine-textured color defines the presence of red chilies. Here in Rajasthan, this platter is served usually with Bajra Rotis but it could also be consumed with Wheat pieces of bread and rice.

Bajra roti with Lasun chutney

Bajra roti is made with millet flour and it is very popular across the state. It is one of the favorite bread for locals in the winter season that is relished with Lasun chutney (a type of sauce made with garlic). It can also be consumed with other sabzis and Kadhi.

Pyaaz ki Kachori

The dish originated from Jodhpur, the blue city of Rajasthan but now it is the favorite snack of the Rajasthanis. Made with plain flour and stuffed with onion mixture, spices like cumin, turmeric and red Chili, kachoris are deep-fried and served with Laal and Hari chutney (the type of local sauces).


It is one of the most popular sweet desserts from Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan. This is in the shape of a disc, soaked in the mixture of ghee and milk and topped with sliced almonds. As the variety is the spice of life, Ghevar has its own set of variables, such as plain Ghevar, Mawa Ghevar (condensed milk) and malai Ghevar (cream).

Gatte ki Sabzi

This platter is made from gram flour, buttermilk (Chach) and some spices and served with any bread or rice. It is also known as the typical dish of Rajasthan and as Ghevar has certain varieties, Gatte also has its own range i.e. Masala Gatte/Shahi Gatter (gram flour dumplings and spicy gravy) and Gatte pulao where veggies are replaced by Gatte in the vegetable pulao, making it one of the festive dishes.

Why limit yourself to reading? Pack your bags and head to Rajasthan to taste these distinctive and unique dishes and feel like never felt before.

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