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We all are familiar with all the fairytales which we all used to hear in our childhood. But one should wonder from where they originate from? Do our parents prepare fairytales during bedtime? An answer to these question is "NO" because our parents have been reading several books which have been motivating and providing them with positive vibes.

Parenting books are one of the best books for every parent who want to take their children in the right direction and to mould their future in the best way. There is a list of some parenting books which are best sellers in the market.

Parenting the strong willed child

by:-Dr. Rex Forehand and Dr. Nicholas Long

This book helps a parent to achieve a perfect knowledge about parenting. His efforts and five-week workshop which successfully worked and helped our parents to manage their children disruptive behavior and take them in the right direction.

Dr.nicholas also guided how to create a positive environment in our homes. It also guides the parents to aware them with the basic information about a child temperament.

Oh Crap!Potty Training

by:-Jamie Glowacki

This is one of the best book whose six-step process which worked over ten thousand children and their parents. This book provides our parents with potty training which can easily be followed by parents. This book is a best seller with a rating of 4.3 out of 5 star rating and more than 1000 reviews for being the best potty trainer ever.

How to raise an adult?

by:- Julie Lythcott-Haims

Being a parent of an adult child is a matter of great responsibility. This book provides parents with basic key factors and knows how to deal with their growing child. It is full of basic knowledge for the parents which help them to deal with all the mood swings which take place in an adolescent child. It is a best seller with 4.2 out of 5 star ratings on good reads and 750 reviews and most liked books by teen's parents.

The happiest baby on the block

by:-Dr.Harvey Karp

If parenting is a new topic of discussion in your life, then you should be familiar with the teachings of Dr.Harvey Karp. He is the man who had provided our parents with the theory of 5 “S’s” (a combination of swaddling, putting the baby on his side or stomach, making shushing noises, swinging the baby and giving him a mechanism to suck)which helped them in effectively calming their crying babies.

This book is the best sellers with the rating of 4.4 out of 5-star rating based on more than 2500 reviews which should be read by the couple who had a new in the field of parenting.

How toddlers thrive

by:-Tovah P.Klein

Parenting seems to be the most difficult task when our baby changes to toddler.Dr.Tovah tells that a baby suddenly tries to walk, talk and wants to share his own thoughts. He tries to tell that every child is special in their own way and it teaches the parents how to deal with them.

This book also teaches that a child's success lies in the hands of the parents by providing them with proper guidance. The author explains the readers to inculcate some positive vibes and some key qualities like creativity, assertiveness, empathy, humility, confidence and feeling of gratitude through which they can face all the challenges of the society.

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