Basic Soccer Rules for Beginners: How to Play Football!

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A game that is played with 11 players on a rectangular field with net goals at either end is known as a soccer game. The players can use any part of the body but not arms and hands. Follow the soccer rules or basic football rules in order to play the game in an expected way:

Basic Soccer Rules

1. The single match is for two 45 minutes halves and there will be a 15-minute break which will be announced during the game.

2. Each team should have a minimum of 11 players and 7 players are compulsory in order to constitute a match.

3. The surface of the ground can be either artificial or natural grass.

4. Whereas the size of the pitches ideally should be within 100 to 300 yards long and 50 to 100 yards wide or else the match cannot be played on such surface of the ground.

5. The pitch should have the following marking at the ground:

  • Rectangular shape marking around the ground showing out of the bounds.
  • Two six-yard boxes.
  • Two 18 yard boxes
  • A center circle.

6. There should be a spot place of 12 yards that will be out of both goals and the center circle should be visible.

7. The ball should be of a circular shape and the circumstance will be 58 to 61cm.

8. Every team will have the choice to have up to 7 substitute players. A team can have the help of a substitute during the injury of the player.

9. Every game should have a referee and two assistant referees. The referee should act as a timekeeper and the final decision will be considered of the referee only.

10. Whereas the referee can take help of the assistant referee during the tough decisions.

11. The assistant referee should observe the match and help the main referee to take a proper decision whenever appropriate.

12. During the last duration of the game if both the teams have scored equal scores then extra time will be given and two 15 halves game shall be played in order to make the final decision that who will be the winner of the game.

13. In order to consider the ball has been a goal, it should cross the goal line.

14. If the player commits a foul during the game then that player shall receive a yellow card or red card as per the severity of the foul made by the player. This decision shall be taken by the referee only.

15. When the yellow card is given by the referee it means the respective player has got a warning.

16. When the red card is given by the referee it means the respective player has been dismissed from the game.

17. A situation where both the cards are given then it means red card only.

18. Once a player is out of the game then it cannot be replaced and the respective team will have a loss of one player.

19. When the ball goes out of the line then a player can throw in. If the ball comes off a defending player it will be known as a corner kick whereas if the ball goes out of play off an attacking player on the baseline then it will be known as a goal kick.

20. A situation where an attacking player is in front of the previous defender during the pass has been played through of them then it will be known as an offside.

21. Such area (offside) is specially designed in order to discourage the players from simply hanging around the player (opponent) during waiting for the goal because of a pass.

22. If the players want to be at the inside then they should be standing behind the last defender when the ball is being played to them.

23. For instance, if the player is in front of the previous defender then he will be deemed to be offside and a free kick will be given to the defending player or team.

24. During the own half of the player, the respective player cannot be caught.

25. The respective goalkeeper shall not be considered as a defender during the game is played.

26. When the ball has been played backward and the player in right in front of the previous opponent player then he will be deemed and will be considered as to be not offside.

How to Play Football for Beginners

1. Dribbling

  • The football should be dribbled essentially.
  • By dribbling the possession will be in hands of the player.
  • The player can move by dribbling the ball towards the opponent’s end of the field or to create space to either shoot or make a pass.
  • The beginners are requested to practice for dribbling so that they will be better during the match.

a. Closed space dribbling drill

  • All you need to is place 3 cones on the ground in a triangle or square shape and it should be placed 2 feet apart from each other.
  • Now, your new bees have to dribble between the cones by using all the surfaces of your own feet.
  • Then you should be quick at touching the ball in order to guide the ball around the cones in a specific and controlled manner.

b. Cone drill

  • You are supposed to line up 6 to 10 cones at 5 yards apart on the surface of the ground.
  • Then weave through the distance between the cones with dribbling with the inside of your feet.
  • Try to repeat the drill alternating between the inside and outside of your feet with circling right and then you are supposed to circling on the left side around each one.

2. Juggling

  • In order to have ball control, coordination, and improvement in the reactions it is known as juggling.
  • The practice of juggling should be done for 10 minutes every day in order to be the best during the game.

Try to improve the skill of keeping the ball in the air. Following content is to drill in order to learn juggling.

  • All you need to do is hold the ball with two hands and drop it to the ground.
  • With the help of your feet, you can tap it up so that you can catch it with the help of one hand only.
  • Then start again (in order to have practice) and tap with your foot twice before catching it.
  • A player then is supposed to tap by increasing the number before catching it.
  • Whereas a player can alternate his feet during the practice session.

3. Passing

Three players passing drill

  • The position of the 3 players should be about 10 yards apart that too in a line.
  • Then the player will take a pass from one player and have to pass it right back
  • All you need to is repeat step 2 with the other player.

4. Receiving

Wall drill

  • Players are supposed to kick with one foot the wall whereas they will receive with the other foot.
  • While receiving the players should practice for stopping and deadening the ball.
  • The players are requested to do for at least 10 times and then they can switch their foot.

5. Shooting

One passing shooting drill

  • A player should be placed outside the penalty area and whereas the other player should be placed at the side of the goal.
  • Then the player at the side of the goal will pass the goal to the other player.
  • The respected player receives the ball and then is supposed to tap it in front in order to take a step and then shoots.
  • The best contact and accuracy should be done by the shooter.

Football Ground

The length of a pitch should be between 100 yards i.e. 90m and 130 yards i.e. 120m whereas the width should not be less than 50 yards i.e. 45m and not more than 100 yards i.e. 90m.

Soccer Facts

  1. The most supporting event in the world for football is the FIFA World Cup.
  2. A game in the whole world in which the player cannot use the hands is known as soccer or football.
  3. Soccer is the only game that fetches more money in the whole world.
  4. Place where this game is played is known as pitch and not field.
  5. Miroslav Klose is a German player and has received the career World Cup goals with a total score of 16.

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