Be Ready For Suave Cosplay For The Comic Con

 Kevin Brown

Suave cosplay for the comic con

1. Cartoon costumes

Many get a nostalgic feel by encountering cartoons in reality. For a moment one forgets its whole world by just having a glance of Mickey Mouse. However, if you are visiting alone you can wear cartoon cosplay for a comic look at comic con. At this event you have the best opportunity to show your creativity and taste for costumes, so select wisely what to wear and stand out of the box between the public.

2. Spiderman

After his first appearance in Amazing Fantasy, he has been tremendously famous in the whole world. He is highly known for spider-like abilities with some human powers. The best of wearing Spiderman cosplay is that your friends won’t be able to recognize you with Spiderman’s mask and you can do a prank with your known ones. It also does not need to add some accessories or maybe make up for a complete look. It is preferable for those people who are often busy or late Lateef but still wants to attend this event, they can easily put up this cosplay and they are ready for the event.

3. The Avengers

Avengers cosplay can be the best idea for a big group visiting at comic con. Cosplay of Captain America, Iron man, Hulk, Black widow, Loki, etc. can be selected according to one’s point of interest in the group. Make your entry a big bang and let others get shocked for a while. Everyone will sure embrace for your perfect theme cosplay for comic con. One needs not to worry if there is a big group you have many options for theme cosplay. Enjoy comic con event by wearing The Avengers cosplay.

4. Wonder Women

A wonder woman is a character that got famous after the first appearance in All-Star Comics. She got some great powers from Greek and Roman gods. By wearing a wonder woman cosplay will show bold look at comic con. On the other hand, you can flaunt your curves through wearing wonder women costume as it is super stylish. Do not forget to wear that golden hair band which will show the real powers. Secondly red and the blue colour is great combinations that wonder women cosplay possess.

5. Batman Costume

Are you a die-heart fan of black colour for cosplay? Then Batman costume is one of the best options you cannot miss it. He got known after the issue of Detective comic (1939) book. Unlike other heroes, he does not have superpowers. A batman cosplay can also be made by own if you do not feel worthy to buy or pay rent for cosplay so in case of that many tutorials are available online and one can refer it.

6. Wolverine Claws

It is an epic character that claws are a part of its skeleton. And it is super famous as it is been shown in three movies. They also do not need for sharpening is you are planning for buying. You can also simply wear claws and visit the comic con event. One also can make prank with people around with sharp claws. It is super easy to just wear claws and no dress code has to be maintained.

7. Neytiri Costume

Are you obsessed with blue colour? Then Neytiri costume will be a great idea for comic con. She cares deeply for the wildlife of Pandora. Do not forget to paint your face blue then only it will have a complete look. Visit comic con by wearing Neytiri cosplay and act same like her.

8. Greta Gremlin

It is one of the weirdest costumes and it can be more attractive and comic look for comic con event. One needs skills to put on same make up just like Greta Gremlin. Also known as mischievous species. If one wishes for some DIY or maybe handmade costume then many tutorials are available for Greta Gremlin.

9. Scooby Gang

Scooby gang cosplay is the best idea for some big group visiting together at the comic con. Cosplay of Scooby-doo, shaggy rogers, Fred jones, etc is preferable if there are many persons in the group. This gang helps the youngsters to develop their speculating thoughts. It is much easy to wear cosplay of Scooby gang and much attractive. Make everyone remind their childhood days by wearing Scooby gang cosplay.

10. Superman cosplay

Superman is famous for faster than a speeding bullet. It is much easy to get this cosplay for example if you have a Superman T-Shirt and then just have matching pants and a red cloth tied at the neck by this you are ready for comic con.

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