Benefits of Green Tea: Every Tea Drinker Should Know

 Kevin Brown

Ever since people have been aware of the benefits of green tea, the demand for green tea has increased significantly. This is a huge jump. Even the doctors recommend that drinking green tea daily is good for health. We can say that green tea is a healthy beverage right now.

Below are the Benefits of Green Tea

There are many benefits of green tea such as improvement in brain function, relief from obesity, cancer and so on. The benefits we are going to provide you that have been studied deeply by well-known doctors across the world. There are green tea benefits and side effects also. Let’s discuss both in detail.

Prevent Cancer:

Nowadays, Cancer seems to be either curable or incurable. It is said that those who are suffering from Cancer, their days are numbered. A report of The National Cancer Institute said that the Polyphenols in tea helps protect you against Cancer. It protects you against UVB radiation that causes cancer. As the consumption of green rises, cancer rates will go down. The green tea is also helpful in different types of cancer such as breast cancer, bladder cancer, lung cancer, skin, and stomach cancer.

Enhance digestion system:

Green tea can lessen the gastrointestinal inflammation in your stomach. Green tea reactive the procedure of your digestion and increase your appetite.

Fat loss:

The main benefit of green tea is fat loss. Green tea has been proved to be effective in weight loss. First of all, green tea increases the procedure of metabolism and reduce bad cholesterol. The green tea turns your food into calories that result in fat loss and improve your physics.

Help Prevent Heart Disease:

Green tea helps to mend your blood vessel, making blood vessel more productive and relax so that they can control your blood pressure and stand firm when blood pressure goes up and down. It also works on eliminating the cholesterol in your body. Cholesterol is the cause of a heart attack in many cases.

Help your brain function well:

A report suggests that the consumption of green tea improves your brain functionality and give a booster to your brain. The green tea keeps your mind calm and productive.

Reduce the risk of Diabetes:

Green tea works on improving the metabolic system. Polyphenols in the green tea regularly regulate the glucose level in the body and eliminate the risk of Diabetes.

Increase immunity power:

Green tea plays a pivot role in enhancing your immunity power. It helps boost your immune function and make you physically strong. It is one of the greatest benefits of green tea.

Strengthen your bones:

As your immunity power boosts, so will be your bones. Green tea plays a very important role in strengthening your joints. If you drink a cup of green tea daily it will provide your body with calcium. It increases the level of calcium in the body. Green tea prevents weakening your bones and stabilizes them.

Glow your skin:

Nowadays, there are a great number of fairness creams available in the market, which contains deadly chemicals. The antioxidants in the green tea can active the skin cells which are damaged by UV rays. It prevents the pimples from coming out on your face and glow your face. The consumption of green tea makes you rejuvenate again and give you a new look. So hurry up, take the benefits of green tea.

Let’s Take a Glance at the Side Effect of the Green Tea in a Nutshell

Cause Stomach Problems:

If you consume it with an empty stomach it will cause stomached and stomach irritation as well. Drinking more than 2 cups daily will enhance the level of acid in your stomach and cause constipation.

Cause Headache:

An excess of green tea makes you addicted. It contains caffeine. Those who have a headache problem must reduce drinking green tea.

Cause insomnia:

The too much use of green tea can cause insomnia. The green tea contains caffeine that creates sleeping problems. Those who are sensitive to caffeine can easily fall in the trap of insomnia.

Cause vomiting:

An excess of green tea can cause vomiting. There are tannins in the green tea that can lead to constipation. Don’t consume more than 4 cups of green tea, if you are addicted to caffeine.

If you drink 1 cup of green tea daily, it will be beneficial for your health but if you go beyond the limit it will be injurious to your health. We hope, you can understand the benefits of green tea easily.

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Kevin Brown
15 September, 2019
Kevin Brown
15 September, 2019
Kevin Brown
14 September, 2019