Best Hill Stations in the World: Plan to Visit This Summer.

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Today in this post, we are going to talk about the best hill stations in the world. During the summer, many people are thinking of going on vacation. Most of the people like to visit hill stations as they give you a heavenly feeling.

Why people love to visit hill stations as they involve lots of greenery. The town is surrounded by natural beauty. The main reason why people attract towards the hill stations is its weather. The weather in hill stations is normally cool. This is a suitable climate to visit the hill stations. The hill stations are generally located at the higher elevation. Today we are going to take you to some of the most unique hill stations across the world.

Most Beautiful Hill Stations in the World

Everyone should visit the best hill stations in the world. We all know that today’s generation lives with anxiety. Your life has become more stressful as compared to olden days. The only thing which can make you happier is that of nature. Below are some of the most beautiful hill stations in the world.

Da Lat, Vietnam

Da Lat is a beautiful hill station located in the South Central Highlands of Vietnam. This is the favorite destination for the tourists including locals. You can also get familiar with the urban and ruling culture. You can also find people from both urban and ruling. The hill station is surrounded by lush greenery. Abundant tall pine trees make this hill station heaven and offer a magnificent view. This hill station has become the favorite spot amongst the tourist. Tourists often visit this place to relax for a few days. This hill station is 4,900 feet high.

Darjeeling, India

Darjeeling is known as the best hill station in the world located in West Bengal. It is 6,700 feet high. What is the best time to visit this hill station is from February to March and September to November. During these months, the atmosphere is very pleasant and enjoyable. The main attraction of this spot is the historic toy train. You can explore many places such as large tea gardens, hills, forests, and waterfalls. Most people visit Darjeeling to explore large tea estates. The large tea gardens make this place even more beautiful.

St. Moritz, Switzerland

St. Moritz is one of the best hill stations in the world located in Switzerland. You can visit this hill station during January to April months. This is the best to spot here. You can do many adventure activities here. The hill station is snow-covered. The white curtain of snow makes you feel out of the world. You can also enjoy a variety of sports. Moreover, you can enjoy ice-skating rings, Nordic skiing, bobsledding, and kite skiing.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Grand Canyon is another one of the most famous hill stations in the world. This is an ideal hill station for the tourist. The mountains of this hill station offer a stunning view to the audience. Those who are nature’s lovers should visit this Grand Canyon. The place is full of natural attractions. The hill station is often visited by the tourists every year. There are many wonderful places you can visit there such as hermit road drive, Geological museum, and wildlife.

Bahrain, Pakistan

Bahrain is also one of the best hill stations in the world. Bahrain hill station is located in Swat District. The beautiful landscapes of this hill station attract a large number of visitors. Bahrain offers a unique landscape view. The beauty of the hill station is the main reason for the tourist’s rush. Bahrain generates more revenue. This is a beautiful tourist place. There are many attractions on this hill station. There are many riverside tourists’ resorts there.

Guling, China

This is a beautiful place in China. Guling is a part of the hill station. Thousands of people take the visit to this place each month. For the last couple of months, there is a jump in the visitors. People in a large number come to explore this place. It has become the best tourism spot in China these days. Tourism is flourishing day by day. Tourists are attracted to its pleasant weather. It is indeed an enjoyable place. it is great to see live snow falling.

Wrapping up…

We have mentioned the best hill stations of the world in this blog. There are many best hill stations in the world but in this post, we have mentioned the most visited hill stations. Don’t forget to visit these amazing hill stations in the coming summer holidays.

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Kevin Brown
15 September, 2019
Kevin Brown
15 September, 2019
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