Best places to visit in Australia: Most Iconic Places

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Australia is a huge continent. It stands sixth in the world by size. It is not possible to explore all the sightseeing places in one trip. There are countless best places to visit in Australia. Before you plan a tour to Australia, it is very important to choose which places you want to see.

Australia boasts the most iconic sites in the world. If you want to wander the amazing places in Australia you should have a professional guide who must have knowledge of such places. Moreover, your guide must know about nearby hotels which offer you accommodations on rent.

Best Time to Visit Australia

The continent owns so many amazing places to visit. If you are willing to visit these places you should follow the weather changes as sometimes weather plays a role of villain and spoil your journey. Hence, the weather matters. If you are looking for the best places to visit in Australia it is important to know the best time to visit Australia.

There is the autumn season from March to May. During autumn Canberra gets a new as the entire town is overflowed by fiery foliage. June to August, you can do many activities such as snow skiing in the Australian Alps. From December to February, Sydney’s beaches make you feel awesome. You will be showered by the large tide. If you choose summer that will also give you enough dose of amusement. You can bask under the sun. According to the research, during spring and autumn, most of the tourists visit this country.

Best Places to Stay in Australia

New South Wales

New South Wales is the best place to stay in Australia. There are many hotels available which are cost-effective. Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort is the best resort to stay. There are small mountains around this resort. You will have unlimited pleasure. You can also breathe fresh air. The tourists are mad after the variety of food and wine.


Queensland is a nice place to stay in Australia. There are many beaches in Queensland. You can stay here tension free. Xanadu Holiday Resort is located along with the main beach. This resort has very spacious rooms. You can enjoy different types of delicious cuisines here.

A glance at the Best Places to visit in Australia:

Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are very noted in Australia. They are located in New South Wales. If you are a lover of nature the Blue Mountains are the suitable spot for you. You can visit as a day trip. It is the perfect place for gateway. You can also enjoy the stunning view of Wentworth Falls. The main attraction of the Blue Mountains is its rock formation. You can take stunning pictures of the Blue Mountains. If you reach to Echo Point you can take epic photographs.


Sydney possesses so many beautiful beaches. It is the largest city in Australia. Sydney is also famous for various types of activities. Besides, there are many restaurants that provide different types of delicious food. There are small rocks along with the beach. You sit there and enjoy the stunning view of the beaches. The rocky beaches also offer an amazing view. There are thin and sandy beaches also. There is another walkway named Harbour Bridge walkway. This walkway is the best to explore Sydney.

Byron Bay

Byron Bay draws most of the tourist’s attention every year. There are many best places to visit in Australia but Byron Bay has its own identity. It is considered as the most favorite destination amongst the travelers. This bay has many hidden beauties such as waterfalls, mountains, and bush. These attractions make this place worth-traveling. Byron Bay is the gift by God.

Gold Coast

If you are looking for the best destination for the gateway which has everything for tourists is the Gold coast. This is another gorgeous beach in Australia. This beach is located in Queensland. Summer is the best time to spot this place as the weather is pleasant. Gold coast has some best walking tracks. You can also visit Burleigh Heads beach along with the Gold coast.

Sydney Opera House

Opera house is the prime attraction in Sydney. It is known for its unique design. It was designed like huge sells. It was listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is a great workmanship from architects. The main amazing this of this Opera house is its location. It is situated in the middle of the ocean. Many tourists visit this amazing house every year.

Wrapping up…

If you are planning for a trip, add Australia in your bucket list. There are abundant best places to visit in Australia. The above-mentioned information will help you travel in Australia.

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15 September, 2019
Kevin Brown
15 September, 2019
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