Best Places to Visit in California: Fall in Love with Places

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California is the third largest state by area. It is a populous state. California is gifted by so many beautiful sights and places to visit. There are many amazing places to visit in California which will definitely amaze you by its beauty.

Unique Places to Visit in California:

Here, we name some of the most unique places to visit in California. We give you the list of various sights which have their own beauty. Below are some worth-seeing places in California.

Yosemite National park:

It is the most beautiful place to visit in California. Yosemite national park is a world heritage site. This park is showered with beauty. You can find all the colors of nature in it. People in a large number visit this heritage site every year. There are many granite cliffs around the Yosemite Valley. Each and every part of the park is wonderful. You will fall in love with the beauty of this national park. The main attraction of Yosemite Park is the Yosemite falls. It is one of the few highest waterfalls in the world. Yosemite National Park is incomplete without the Yosemite falls.

Pacific Coast Highway:

Pacific Coast Highway is one of the few places to visit in California. It is also known as blue star Memorial Highway. This highway is a tribute to those who served in the United States armed forces. The highway covers most of the coastline of California. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery while traveling. It is a must watch destination in California.

Santa Cruz:

Santa Cruz is a small town having a population of nearly 50,000. It is known for surfing place. This small city attracts a large number of visitors across the world. There are many beautiful beaches in the city. You must take a glimpse of this small town during your trip to California. It gives you a heavenly feel during your stay.

Emerald Bay:

Emerald Bay is a small island that lives within the Tahoe Lake. It is a very wonderful island with so many trees around it. Seeing its beauty, it was designated a National Natural Landmark. There are many attractions there. Eagle fall is one of them. Visitors visit Eagle falls their visit to Emerald Bay. It is a beautiful place to visit in California. It is the best place for photography. The whole island is beautiful, you can click photos any sides.

Muir Woods:

It is one of the best places to visit in California. It is the right place for those who love nature and campaign for saving the trees. People from different countries visit this wonderful place every year. There are many redwood trees in it. They are approximately 400 to 800 years old. They have a maximum height up to 250 feet.

Best Places to Visit in Southern California

Sequoia National Park:

Sequoia National Park is situated in the southern part of the Sierra Nevada. This park has 400,000 acres of land area. The park was established in 1890. It is the best place to visit in California. This park is known for its giant forest. The park is full of ancient coastal redwood trees. During the visit, you can enjoy other activities like climbing, hiking, camping, fishing and so on.

Joshua Tree National Park:

Joshua Tree National Park is known for Joshua trees. This park is full of Joshua trees. Joshua trees are native to this park. We can say it is a desert paradise. Visitors can go hiking and climbing during this adventurous trip. Don’t miss the chance to visit this site.

Wildwood Regional Park:

A visit to the Wildwood regional park is going to be an amazing experience for the first time visitors. This place has all the elements to attract visitors across the world. There are many attractions in it such as sweeping grassland, vast meadow. You feel like heaven. It is good to visit in the spring or summer. There are many waterfalls in it. All these attractions make this park an even more attractive place to visit.

The places we have mentioned here are worth watching. California is the right place for a perfect gateway. If you are looking for exceptional places, there are many places to visit in California.

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