Best Time to Visit South Africa: Explore the Best Places with Us

 Kevin Brown

South Africa is such a large country. The weather in this country is always unpredictable. The weather can change anytime. The climate often betrays and acts opposite what you would think. It is known for its hot and dry weather during summer days. We would let you know the best time to visit South Africa.

South Africa is the first choice for those who are interested in wildlife. It is a year-round destination: the different parts of the country get a new shape during the different seasons. It is worth to watch the scenery of South Africa. We have fixed the best time to visit South Africa.

There are four seasons in South Africa. Summer starts mid-October to mid-February, autumn starts mid-February to April, winter starts May to July, and spring begins August to mid-October.

Best Time to Visit South Africa for Wildlife:

If you are looking for the best time to visit South Africa for wildlife the best time is between July and September. These are dry months. Between the months of January and February wildlife roars in the northern game reserves. During this period, there is a little bit of rain. The rain compels the animals to come out and search for waterholes. This is the best time to explore wildlife safari. But this time is not suitable for human being as it is too hot. The temperature is much better between April and May.

May to October is the best time to visit South Africa as there is spring during these months. The weather is dry in the winter month. This is an appropriate time to visit Kruger National Park. Maybe, you will feel cold in the morning or evening. So the visitors are suggested warm clothes to stay warm.

You find often a little bit of rain in the Western Cape in the winter season. It is a good time to explore wildlife in the Cape Town. There is a little bit of rain last for a couple of hours but also enjoy the sun over your head after a couple of hours. So the weather does not spoil your journey.

During June to November, it is great to watch whales near Hermanus. The time between Augusts to mid-October is the best time to see the flowers of Namaqualand. The flower starts blossoming in the spring. You would fall in love with springtime flowers.

Winelands and Birding: November to April

This is the best time to visit South Africa. You will find a stunning atmosphere in Cape Town from November to March. The weather is beautiful during this month. During Christmas, there is too much rush to this place. People in large number flock here to get a stunning look Cape Town. You can also enjoy Boulders beach. It is known for the penguin. So make haste, book tickets for these months. But if you aspire to go for wildlife safari this is not a proper time for visitors as the weather is hot and humid between December to February. Mid-October is the best time for birding as a large number of birds migrate here. It is great to see the birds chirping together.

In brief:

May to September:

During these months, it is easier to explore this place there are fewer animals gather here. There is little rain during this period. There is no cloudy weather and skies are clear. You won’t have any mosquitoes around you. During this time, you can roam easily as there is no crowd due to low season. There is a possibility of cold at night and in the evening.

October to April:

After the first round of rain, the atmosphere turns into green and looks pleasant. This is an appropriate time for bird watching as the birds start the migration process. Rain will not disturb your trip. In December, Park is overflowed by children as there is a school holiday in this month.

Ending up…

If you are looking for the best time to visit in South Africa, look no further, we have provided the full-fledged information for South Africa tour.

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Kevin Brown
15 September, 2019
Kevin Brown
15 September, 2019
Kevin Brown
14 September, 2019