Best Traditional Housewarming Gifts for New Home Owners

 Kevin Brown

The concept of housewarming dates back to medieval times when neighbours would help a family get settled in their new home by warming the home. People used to bring firewood and light up fireplaces to ward off evil spirits from the new house. But with cultural advancements, the housewarming tradition has changed over the years. People are choosing modern and practical gifts for housewarming these days. I am about to give you some modern housewarming gift ideas with the traditional message at its heart:

Wine: a bottle of wine has been customary housewarming gift since generations. You can pair the bottle of wine with stylish wine decanter to make your housewarming gift interesting. You can include the blessing “May you always have joy and never go thirsty” with your wine gift set.

Candle: the message behind gifting candles on housewarming occasion is bringing light into the life of house owner. These days’ variety of scented and colourful candles are available in the market. You can go for such attractive candles or have customized candle made from any gift store to give your gift a more personal touch. Add a handwritten note saying “May you always have light through the darkest times” with your candle set.

Houseplant: By gifting houseplant, you are wishing a prosperous life to the owner. The bamboo plant is believed to bring good luck to the homeowner according to the Feng Shui tradition which makes it an ideal housewarming gift. Make sure you buy a tiny bamboo plant so it doesn’t occupy huge space inside the house. Pair the bamboo plant with a beautiful flower pot to enhance its appeal. You can even paint the blessing “May your home always have life” on the flower pot.

Bread: Giving bread on the occasion of housewarming symbolize wishing for good health and long life of the owner. You can avail bread gift baskets in many famous bakeries containing a variety of bread and you can also add jam, jelly, or butter in this bread basket. Including a note saying “May your house never know hunger” with the bread basket is a good idea.

Salt and herbs: there was a time when salt was considered very precious and was used as a currency. It might have started the tradition of gifting salt on housewarming parties. Salt symbolize wealth and hospitality. You can add salt and herbs to your gift basket and include the message “May there always be flavor and spice in your life” in the gift basket.

Pineapple: pineapple is considered a symbol of hospitality and it is one of the traditional housewarming gifts. If you want to avoid giving just a pineapple as a gift, you can gift a fruit basket with fresh fruits with a note saying “May you enjoy good cheer, warmth, and celebration”.

Sugar: In olden days, people used to give a bag of sugars to wish hosts sweetness in their life but accordance with our modern culture you can give a box of chocolate or sweet basket with a handwritten note saying “Your life shall always have sweetness”.

Olive oil: As we know olive oil is healthiest of all cooking oils hence by gifting olive oil you are wishing health to the owner. Include a handwritten note with the blessing “may you be blessed with health and wellbeing”.

Wood: People from medieval times used to bring firewood for housewarming to warm up the house but there is no need for the firewood in our modern homes. So you can gift something practical made out of wood on the occasion of housewarming like a decorative wooden serving board. You can add a handwritten note saying “May your home have stability, harmony and peace” instead of a greeting card with this gift.

These are all examples of traditional housewarming gifts but you can go out of the way and buy some home appliance, home décor, kitchen ware, greeting plaque or anything else that homeowner particularly needs. Research well online to find the perfect housewarming gift.

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Kevin Brown
15 September, 2019
Kevin Brown
15 September, 2019
Kevin Brown
14 September, 2019