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Big data Hadoop training consists of the Hadoop framework. Hadoop is nothing but a type of framework for big data processing. With the big data Hadoop training course, you will learn the fundamentals of big data Hadoop, components of the Hadoop ecosystem. This is used for the development of real-time projects in the banking sector as well as social media.

What is Big Data or Hadoop?

Big data means simply data in large amounts. The huge amount of collection of data in size which increases exponentially with time is called big data. Hadoop is an open-source platform that can handle these huge amounts of data available on the internet. Nowadays the popularity of these open-source frameworks goes on increasing because of its capability to perform high-end processing data towards the low-end hardware. Big data should be divided into three types such as structured data, unstructured data, and semi-structured data. exltech is one of the best big data training institutes in Pune.

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About Big Data Hadoop Training Institute

Big data Hadoop training is all about the data. IN today’s world the amount of data size is too big that is can’t handle by normal human being hence to handle these huge amounts of data big data Hadoop are invented. IN these big data Hadoop training it covers all the topics from basic level to the advance including certification. It also includes topics such as Hadoop, YARN, HDFS, map-reduce, PIG, Impala, Apache Hive, zookeeper, etc. For this, we have expert professionals. After completion of big data Hadoop training, you will be able to handle all the major Hadoop data projects trending in the IT industry. Anyone having the basic knowledge about java programming should take big data Hadoop training.

Hadoop job opportunities

Pune is known as one of the most leading growing IT hubs. Lots of MNC”s was established as it is a growing city in the world. Big data is the latest and more popular technology in today’s that there is a huge amount of Hadoop opportunities as it is the latest trends in the market. Those who want to make your career as big data analysts the big data Hadoop training is the best way to learning and selecting a career in this field.

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