Billiard Rules - How to Get Started with Billiard Game?

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What are the Rules of Billiard Game

The Aim of the Game

Generally, the aim of this game is to score more points than the competitor. One should cross the set target in order to win the game. This game includes defensive as well as attacking at the same time so the players need to focus fully while playing the game. It also includes mental calculation of the distance between the pocket and ball in order to score more points.

The following content is a general set of instructions or the rules to play the game of Billiards.


This game can be played one vs. one or two vs. two.

Equipment for the game

  • Snooker Table of 3569 mm x 1778 mm
  • Three different color ball namely red, yellow and white. The size of the ball must be 52.5 mm.
  • Chalk. It will help the player maintain good contact between the cue and the ball.

Terms for scoring

A cannon:

  • In a single strike, the cue ball should hit the red ball as well as the other cue ball. This shot will help the player to score 2 points easily.

A pot:

  • A situation where the cue ball is hit in such a way that it enters a pocket.
  • This will easily fetch 3 points.
  • If in case the cue ball does not enter the pocket directly but gets also strike with other ball then it will help to fetch 2 points only.

In off:

  • This case happens when the player hits the cue ball when it hits another ball and then enters the pocket. If the ball was red with whom the cue ball got struck then it will help to fetch 3 points or else 2 points if the ball got struck with other player’s cue ball.

Special situations:

  • A situation where the ball gets strike another ball then the red ball should be placed on its spot quickly; the competitor’s white ball should be placed at the center of the table. Then the player should return his ball to the D

Rules of Billiards

  • The Billiard Game has to be played with three ball's; the color of the ball should be red, yellow and white.
  • Each player should have a cue ball and then one of the players can have a white ball the other should have a yellow ball.
  • The players should mutually decide who will have the first move or turn for the game.
  • Another option can be let both the players hit their cue ball at the same time and then the hitting the cushion and returning back. Whosoever’s ball is nearest to the balk cushion will get the chance to have the first turn.
  • Then the players try to perform in the best way so that they can score the highest points and ultimately win the game. Following ways can help to score in a better way:

In off;

  • When the cue ball is hit in such a way that it gets a strike with one or more ball and then goes down a pocket. Respective player will receive 2 or 3 points only.


  • A situation where any ball goes into the pocket rather than your cue ball. Respective player will receive 2 or 3 points only.


  • The cue ball when strikes both other ball's then it is known as Cannon. A respective player will receive 2 points only.

The players have to be present during the game until they make a scoring shot.

If there is a situation where the player makes foul then following are the two options, either of them has to be followed by the player:

  • Place the ball on their respective place.
  • Leave the game.

A total has to be decided before the game and that total points have to be scored in order to win the game. Whosoever score that decided points will be the winner of the game.

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Kevin Brown
15 September, 2019
Kevin Brown
15 September, 2019
Kevin Brown
14 September, 2019