Carrom Board Rules and General Guidance to Play

 Kevin Brown

Ø Introduction

Carrom was originated several centuries ago and now being played in many nations. Children around the age of 7 will prefer this game easily on the daily bases. There is much fun shooting and getting disc potted through a striker. Sprinkle some powder for smooth performance during the game; make sure it is a Carrom powder.

Ø Objective of the game

The main objective of the game is to win the game by covering the queen or pocketing the queen. No matter how many pieces you pocket but it is necessary to cover the queen or else no player can win the game. Turns are taken by the player to play this game and a player will get one more turn if the piece has been covered. If the queen has been pocketed but not covered the queen should be placed at the kept at the board. If a player covers the queen will receive extra points.

Ø Rules for Shooting

  • Settle yourself comfortably so that you can shoot effectively. Remember you have to be settled all the time till the game ends.
  • Decide who will be black and who will be white. Accordingly shoot the disc during the game.
  • Keep the finger very close to the disc which will help you to prevent hurting your fingernail.
  • Place the striker on the Carrom bed and make sure that it touches both the lines. Which means it should be placed between the two lines.
  • Set the turns that will help you to get your disc in the pocket.
  • One can shoot disc in any direction on the Carrom board.
  • While shooting your elbows should not touch the board.
  • If you successfully potted your colour disc then you will again get chance to shoot. So make sure that you do not stop shooting disc until you fail to pocket the disc.
  • If in case there is a situation where you successfully potted the competitor’s then there will be no penalty but points will be scored by him.

Ø Queen

The disc which is coloured with red colour and that will make you score 5 points is known as Queen (for this Carrom game). It is also known as “queen’s premium”. So it is worth to make certain more efforts on such disc.

As per the international rules, one need to pocket the queen and one cannot end with the queen on the board. So decide what will be the rules before the start of the game or during beginning of the game so that there are no hurdles during the game.

Ø Scoring terms

  • If the team potted the queen they will get 5 points and one point each respective to disc left on the Carrom board.
  • Play many games of the Carrom and then maintain the record of each game. The player scores 29 points will be known as the winner.
  • One can score 14 points in a game, which means that the team has potted the entire disc including the queen.



When there is a foul made by the player then the turn ultimately comes to an end and it is passed to other player. There can also be a penalty charged. Generally, the penalty is to place one piece which has been pocketed previously on the board. By this there will be reduction of the points of the respective player. Following are the situation when the foul is recorded:

  • The striker is being pocketed.
  • When the striker or any piece gets out of the board because of the player.
  • A player when pockets the competitor’s piece. If the player who made the foul had pocketed the Queen then it has to be returned back with the penalty piece.
  • If the player does not follow the rules for striking.
  • The player touches the piece during the play. It does not matter that whether it was done intentionally or not.

When there is a penalty charged but the piece is not available with the player then the penalty becomes “owed” until the player receives the piece and as soon as the player will receive the piece it has to be

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15 September, 2019
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