Cheapest European Cities to Visit: Worth Visiting Cities

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Europe is a continent that includes many counties. European countries live a happy life. They believe in living to the fullest. Today, we will take you the cheapest European cities to visit. Nature has bestowed unbelievable charm to Europe. A combination of beauty and infrastructure make cities even more attractive.

There are many cheapest European cities to visit but it is impossible to visit all the cities at a time. That is why we have made a separate list of wonderful European cities for travelers. We would love to guide you during your trip to European cities. Below is the list of cheapest cities.

Cheapest European Cities to Fly into


Krakow is one of the cheapest European cities to visit. It is situated in Poland. In our list, Krakow is the cheapest cities for travelers. It is a great city for bargaining. Apart from this, it is a very attractive city. Visitors get attracted to this city as there are many historical buildings and monuments. There are many hotel and restaurant which charge less money. You can enjoy the historical buildings and other attractions of the city at a very low price.


We hope you are familiar with Istanbul city. Istanbul is the capital of Turkey. It is the best place for a bargain. Since earlier, Istanbul has been a favorite city for tourists. Tourism runs the economy of this city. You can easily get affordable hotels and restaurants in great locations. If you are looking for a long stay in this city, you will be accommodated in hotels at nominal charges.


Budapest has also been included in the list of the cheapest European cities to visit. Enjoy the beautiful tourist place along with the river. A wonderful experience! Visitors can enjoy the beautiful craft of castles. Have thermal spas at a lower price and feel like heaven. Travelers can enjoy delicious food at a very low price. You will have unlimited in less money.


It has been listed in the cheapest European cities to visit. Bratislava is a small town situated in Slovakia. It is very near to Vienna. Bratislava is cheaper than Vienna in terms of traveling. Though there is a lack of attractive tourists place. It is a worth-staying city for a short time of period. Visitor can stay in the hotels at minimal charges.

The Cheapest European Cities to Live in


Kiev is a nice European city to live in. It is also amongst the list of the cheapest European cities to visit. It is located in Ukraine. Kiev is the cheapest city in comparison with other European cities. This city has many wonderful places to visit in Europe. Kiev is one of them. You can enjoy staying in hotels at affordable rates. Transportation is also cost-effective. It is a must visit the city during the vacation.

Saint Petersburg:

Saint Petersburg is the cheapest European cities to visit. It is situated in Russia. Saint Petersburg has remained the favorite destination for visitors. It is a fantastic bargain. Many tourists visit this city with an aim to get unlimited fun at low cost. It is a cheaper city with so many attractive places to visit.


Vilnius is considered to be the cheapest European cities to visit. Tourists can enjoy the various types of delicious cuisines at an affordable price. Vilnius is cost-effective in Baltic. There are many cheap hotels available. Transportation is cheap in this city. Travelers can go one place to another place easily. If you ever happen to go Lithuania, take a visit of Vilnius. It is the best city to live for a long time.


Bucharest has its own identity in Romania. It is one of the most charming cities in Romania. Bucharest has many appealing places which grab your attention. Hotels and restaurants provide the best facilities within your budget. The main attraction of this city is the parliament building. Many people visit this building to see its craft. If you want to live in this city, it will be easy to run your life as everything here is reasonable to survive.

Wrapping up…

Europe has its own charm. Europe has remained the first choice of visitors since the beginning. We have given the list of the cheapest European cities to visit. Visit these cities once in a lifetime.

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Kevin Brown
15 September, 2019
Kevin Brown
15 September, 2019
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