Croquet Rules How to Play and Win Croquet!

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A game that is played on the lawn, this game is all about driving the wooden ball by the series of square topped hoops with the help of mallets. This game can be successfully played with the help of croquet rules.

Croquet Rules: Learn How to Play Croquet

1. In order to determine who will go first a coin should be tossed and then the loser shall get an opportunity for selecting which ball to use.

2. Each player should play according to their turn. A single turn consists of one shot. Extra shots can be played if that player has either running a hoop or hitting one of the other three ball. Then the player can receive one or two shots accordingly.

3. When a player makes a hoop then the striker has a continuation stroke.

4. After that, if the player again hit the ball and has made croquet on the ball then the player will receive another stroke.

5. This stroke can be known as croquet stroke after roquet stroke which should be made after moving and placing the striker’s ball in contact with the roqueted ball.

6. While in the croquet stroke the player or striker must move the croqueted ball. Then if the shot has been successful (without a foul stroke or the ball is hit in such a way that it goes out of the lawn) then the striker or player will receive a continuation stroke.

7. However, the turn shall end in the below-mentioned situation:

  • The croqueted ball is hit in such a way that it goes out of the court.
  • The ball is hit in such a way that it goes out of the court before making roquet or scoring a hoop point for itself.

8. The ball should be placed on the yard line by the striker in order to play his shot.

9. Just like the last statement (8th point) when the roqueted ball is off the court it should be placed on the yard line and the striker or the player can continue with the croquet shot.

10. There should be a time decided for a break after certain shots because the striker might be very good at striking the ball and might not stop so after the break, that striker shall continue playing.

11. The strokes that are in continuation shall not be considered as cumulative and so the striker who:

  • Successfully scores a hoop and immediately makes a roquet and the takes croquet in the same stroke.
  • When a roquet is made in a croquet stroke and then immediately takes croquet.
  • A situation when a hoop is scored during the shot for a croquet stroke then the player will play only one continuation stroke.
  • Striker or player scores two continues hoops in the single shot then the player will receive only one stroke.

12. When is the ball supposed to be moved:

  • A player makes a roquet.
  • The ball goes out of the court or from the yard line area.
  • However, the ball has to be placed before the next stroke is made on the yard line at the point where it left the court.
  • The ball comes in the hand of the striker or player at the yard line area after the game is ended.

13. If the following situations occur then it will be considered as a foul:

  • When the mallet is touched by the player or striker.
  • A case where the mallet is damaged or caused while striking the ball. It can be done by from the following ways: dropping, throwing, kicking and hitting the mallet.
  • The shaft of the mallet rests or one can consider hand or arm on the ground.
  • The shaft of the mallet rests directly connected with the stroke against any part of the legs or feet.
  • When the ball is stroked except the end of the face.
  • The ball is pushed or pulled with the intention to make changes in the course of the ball during the initial contact has been made.
  • The ball is stroked twice or more in a single shot.
  • If the player moves or shakes the ball with the help of hitting a hoop or the peg with the mallet or any part of the body or clothes.
  • When the ball is stroked into a hoop or peg that is in contact with the mallet, such stroke can be named as crush stroke.
  • The mallet is touched with the other ball except for the striker’s ball.
  • A part of cloth or body is touched with the ball in order to move it.
  • During the croquet ball is played and it gets failed to move or shake the croqueted ball.
  • The player hits the ball in such a way that it gets stroked in a wrong manner and ultimately damages the court

Croquet Layout

1. The lawn

In order to play this game, the lawn has not to be compulsorily a proper lawn but short grass will work. If in case you are not able to play on the lawn and a big room or hall is available then it can also work. Ideally, the court should be in a rectangle shape and the measurement should be of 10 feet long by 50 feet wide. Maintain the boundary line of the court by the help of string or chalk and the corners should be marked with the help of flags.

2. Stakes and Wickets

There is a double diamond pattern in which 9 wickets and 2 stakes are being arranged. If you select a smaller court then the measurement of the court should be done proportionately and the width of the wickets should be uniform throughout the court.


If the player makes any fault then the turn will be ended immediately and no points will be scored. In order to avoid the penalty then make sure you know all the croquet rules.

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