Dashiki Costume: Presenting Colorful Africa to The World

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When you want to look beautiful you wear make-up, accessories, footwear and beautiful clothes. If you don’t wear makeup but good clothes you can even look much better. Different types of clothes are available in the market around the world that can grab your attention and not only make you fall in love with them but also motivate you to purchase. In this article, we will be talking about the most beautiful types of African Costume – The Dashiki Costume, which depicts the beauty of Africa in them.

What Does Dashiki Costume Mean?

A loose fitting, brightly colored garment associated with African culture is known as Dashiki. The top half of the body is covered by them. It varies from fully tailored suits to simple draped clothing and has formal and informal versions. An ornate V-shaped collar, and sleeve lines and tailored and embroidered neck is a common form of the loose-fitting pullover garment known as Dashiki Costume. Brimless Kufi cap is frequently worn with that. It is worn in Islamic communities in the African diaspora and Africa, and the look gets completed with a pair of matching pants or skirts.

History of Dashiki Costume

Originating as a West African fashion, the dashiki has a rich history. It’s a source of black pride which makes the origin of dashiki an interesting one. Having borrowed from the Hausa phrase “dan ciki, the term comes from the Yoruba word “danshiki,” Being the lightweight fabric; workers could wear it and be comfortable in the heat and this helped Dashiki Costume to become popular as the form of the tunic in West Africa. The word “dashiki” has its place in black history that means “outer garment” or “robe.” The grand boubou which was equally popular in a longer version was actually a shirt that covered the entire chest. Women adopted Dashiki Costume and now dashikis are made for both genders while it actually began as a source of work clothing for men since it wasn’t a fashion statement at all. It is light enough fabric that is suitable attire for wearing in the intense heat and sun only and that's how it suited the West African Climate properly. Similar pieces of clothing were discovered by archaeological digs in Mali, a sacred site that dates to the 12th century.

The fabric of Dashiki Costume

Before purchasing any cloth, we make surety about its fabric. Be it for men, women or kids the fabric is always taken into consideration before its final deal. There are certain criteria for choosing a fabric like seasonal and functional. Dashiki Costumes are also made of different fabrics with various print and colors which appeal the customers to purchase them.

Some of the types of fabrics are given below

African Kente Print Fabric

African Kente Fabric has originated from West Africa. These prints have symbolic meaning on its color. African Kente Fabric is mostly worn by the Ghanaians widely. It is one type of African Print Fabric.

African Print Ankara Wax Fabric

Ankara is also known as African Wax Prints or Ankara Prints. It gets associated with Africa because of its tribal like colorful pattern and prints. this fabric is not only used to make clothes but it is so versatile that accessory like hat, blazer, shoes, and earrings are made out of it, just to name a few.

Burgundy Red African Print Fabric

This fabric is very much in demand by the people. It is 100% cotton with beautiful colors and print on them Burgundy color is very much in demand because of its attractive and magnetic look. It is purely made in Africa.

Turquoise African Print Fabric

Turquoise African Fabric originates from the land of Nigeria. They are 100% cotton with a width of 43 inches. When it comes to colors, you will get Red, turquoise, off-white, brown with beautiful patterns for selection. They are not wax print like the Ankara Wax Fabric.

Blue and Orange African Print Fabric

Ideal for making unique clothing items this fabric also known as Ankara is useful for amazing accessories, eye-catching home décor projects, and many other projects. African print fabric is 100% cotton,44" wide and comes in 6-yard pieces (bolts). Gorgeous African print fabric "Heavy rain" pattern is in blue and orange colors.

Those given above are just a few of the types of fabrics used in Dashiki Costume. There are many other fabrics that are used to make them and give a magnetic look.

Conclusion of Dashiki Costume

The Dashiki, as mentioned above, was basically a men’s clothing which gradually got available for women and kids as well. Earlier it was just for the convenience of men in the heat of the sun but now it has become a style statement for all. Dashiki Shirt, couple wear, wedding dress for bride and groom, Agbada for father –son, kufi, head tie, frock type dresses for women and kids and kaftan are a few forms of Dashiki Costume.

Dashiki is the best example of how a traditional form of clothing got converted into a modern costume which is not only worn at its origin but worldwide. So explore the beautiful Dashiki costume and grab your own dress.

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