Dodgeball Rules – An Ultimate Guide for Beginners

 Kevin Brown

The Main Motive of the Game

The final motive or object of the game is to eliminate all the players of the opposing team by throwing the ball in such a way that they are out of the game. In order to be in the game, the players should dodge the ball. By eliminating all the players of opposing team the team will be considered as the winner of the game.


There is no specific number of players decided as the numbers of players are decided according to the area of available to play Dodgeball game. However at school game or the regulated game might decide the number of players before the game begins, however, it will be different from each league.


  • Ball
  • A court
  • Uniform

The size of the ball for the Dodgeball game should be 8 inches in diameter. There should be a line on the court which will help to separate the court into halves. This line helps the court to maintain 30 feet square areas. There will be a neutral zone formed in the middle of the two sides. Each area will be of 30 feet by 30 feet and the neutral zone will be of 4 feet. It might sound similar to a volleyball court. But still, the dimensions shall be different according to the venue decided for the Dodgeball game.

Dodgeball Rules

  • The organizer shall decide the number of players, number of ball, and size of the court and the length of the court before the game begins.

  • The players are supposed to be inside the court area unless collecting dead ball.

  • As per the above-mentioned statement, the players are allowed to step outside the court to pick up the ball but are not allowed to throw the ball by being outside of the court.

  • A player can throw the ball when he or she is inside the court.

  • If there is some other reason except picking up the ball and the player leaves the court then the player will be eliminated from the game. The same rule even applies when the player throws the ball from the outside of the court.

  • Before the game starts the rules and regulation for the headshots should be decided by order of an official body.

  • As soon as the player catches the ball then the player who threw the ball will be out of the game or eliminated.

How to score in Dodgeball Game?

There is no scoring system in this game but the players try to eliminate all the players of the competitor’s team. If the thrown ball is caught by a competitor then the player who threw the ball will be eliminated.

Tips to win the Game

  • Try to eliminate all the players and as soon as the opposing team is left with no players then your team will be considered as the winner of the game.

  • If in case there are players present with both the teams then the team with more number of players than the opponent’s team will be considered as the winner.

  • While throwing the ball the player should aim low so that the player from the opponent’s side could not catch the ball.

  • If possible then throw the ball from as close to the line as you can. Your throws might be powerful but still, wisely calculate the distance between yourself and your target and then throw the ball.

  • While throwing the ball, make sure that your hand is behind your back by this the players of the opponent party will fail to understand where your goal is.

  • The best team strategy is to bring forward the best players to play or throw the ball.

  • Make sure that each player is given a number and during the match instead of calling their names to call the numbers.

  • When the ball is being targeted low and aimed at your team then jump over the ball.

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Kevin Brown
15 September, 2019
Kevin Brown
15 September, 2019
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