Explore This Map of the Top Colleges for B Students

 Briana Boyington

Although Ivy League institutions may be out of reach for students who don't have perfect grades and test scores, those schools aren't the only options for teens to get a quality education.

College-bound teens with good grades on their high school transcript can look to the U.S. News A-plus Schools for B Students list to find highly ranked, quality institutions that accept applicants with a B average. This list, part of the annual Best Colleges rankings, includes schools that perform well in the overall rankings and that admit students who have less-than-perfect grades or test scores.

To make the cut, each school must be ranked in the top three-fourths of its ranking category, have an average freshman retention rate of 75 percent or higher and have no more than 50 percent of first-year students place in the top 10 percent of their high school class. Among other criteria, U.S. News also evaluated SAT and ACT composite percentile scores for the schools.

The following map showcases the schools from the National Universities and National Liberal Arts Colleges categories that made the list of A-plus Schools for B Students, including ties. The rank shown for each school reflects its placement in the 2018 Best Colleges rankings. Hover over a point to see the average GPA for incoming freshmen and the acceptance rate for the schools that provided these data to U.S. News.

The schools included in the map are ranked between 41-223 in their respective categories. New York and Pennsylvania have the most schools on the list, with 12 institutions in each state.

Skidmore College in New York, tied at No. 41, is the highest-ranked Liberal Arts College, while Pennsylvania State University—University Park, tied at No. 52, is the highest-ranked National University.

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07 December, 2017