Facts About North Korea: Its Heart- Wrenching

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Everyone is familiar with North Korea. North Korea is always in headline due to its nuclear test and its enmity with South Korea and America. America had already imposed sanctions on North Korea due to its illegal nuclear program that has led the country to a major economic crisis. Despite all pressure, North Korea has been standing firm for years. People are dying of starvation. Kids are becoming victims of malnutrition. Still, there are some interesting facts about North Korea many of you are not aware of.

North Korea Rules of Living

In this article, we are going to unfold interesting facts about North Korea. We will introduce the North Korea rules of living. This war-torn country has weird rules of living.

There is one rule that if you are found using abusive words for your company, you will be forced to work on Sunday too. The employees have to work as volunteers. It is a very terrible rule that if you are caught reading or possessing the Bible and South Korean films are major crimes that can lead you to life imprisonment or capital punishment. You are not shown any mercy.

The half population of North Korea lives under poverty. People are not allowed to celebrate any event on 8th of July and 17th of December in North Koreas as Kim II-Sung and Kim Jong II passed away on these days. If any person is caught celebrating will be sent to jail or other punishment decided by the Korean government.

Some surprising facts about North Korea

It is very important to know before you plan to visit North Korea. If you are planning to go visit you will have to face some weird rules for tourists. It is said that tourists are not allowed to come with smart phones. If you are caught with mobile you will be confiscated at the airport. They are not allowed to return their own country. Even tourists are not permitted to have any conversation with locals. You are allowed to keep a guide. And guide keeps you constant eye on you. You cannot explore places on your own without the guide’s permission.

Good news is that the people of North Korea are allowed to television. But the saddest thing is that there are only three channels broadcasted, that means, there is no amusement. People of North Korea can’t buy any vehicles or cars. Only the government and military officials are allowed to buy luxury cars.

People are not permitted to use the internet as the government of North Korea has a fear of regime change. The Korean government does not want its people to revolt. VIP people are allowed to use the internet. They don’t have Google. They have their own surfing system which is known as Red Star.

North Korea has been isolated by the rest of the countries due to its nuclear program. The people of North Korea are not aware of what is happening around the world. Unlike other countries, they have their own newspapers, news channels but they are prohibited to report outside the world. Their work is only to glorify North Korea. The truth never reaches to the people. They are kept in darkness.

According to the reliable sources that roughly 2 lakh people have been confined in prison camps. Electric fencings have been built around the prison camp so that they cannot flee from the camp. It is misery. It is beyond tolerance. Even they can’t wear clothes of their choices. The clothing is decided by the North Korean government. The government has full control over their wearing. Jeans are not allowed in North Korea. People can’t put on jeans. If they do so they will have to suffer serious consequences.

Kim Jon-Un killed his uncle for creating a conspiracy against him. Kim Jon-un stripped him and threw amongst the starving wild dogs in the cage. There is a “pleasure Squad “consist of 2000 women whose duty is to please government and military officers.

Winding up…

It is unbearable, unbelievable but has to accept the fact. The facts about North Korea will definitely shock you. If you simply want to visit then North Korea is the best picnic destination.

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