Fencing Rules: All You Need to Know

 Kevin Brown

Fencing is an ancient game that is still in existence. Fencing is also termed as swordplay or sword fighting which has been popular since ancient Egypt. We are letting you know the rules of fencing rules that will pinpoint all your doubts about this combat game.

Fencing contains strict rules and regulations that every player has to obey to play this game in a proper way. There are abundant advantages to playing this game. Fencing is a sort of game that can make you physically and mentally strong.

What Is fencing?

What is fencing? Fencing requires three weapons are saber, foil, and epée. Fencing game consists of 2 fencers. To win this game one fencer is supposed to fence over other fencer and strike. The player who has the most strikes over his opponent is a winner. This game can be enjoyed by people of all ages by learning the fencing rules.

Fencing Court:

Let’s take a glance on the fencing court. The strip is 2 meters wide and 14 meters long. It is also called as ‘piste’ the fencing match takes place on a strip. The fencing strip is made of metals. Conductive materials are also used for strip making. The fencing court contains a center line, en-garde lines, warning lines, rear limit lines. The strip has a pool at its end. That pool has 20 meters cable.

Fencing scoring:

Scoring is different according to fencing. There are three weapons foil, sabre, and epée.

Foil: With the foil, when a sword player attacks the other player’s torso, a touch is scored. A point is given only in case of using the tip of the weapon. You cannot get a point with the side of the blade. The players should poke each other soon after the referee announces the “right of way” rule. The fencer who attacks the first is provided one point.

Sabre: With the sabre, If a fencer pokes the below portion of the waist, points will not be counted. The point is awarded only you hit the above portion of the waist.

Epee: With the epee, a fencer can target any part of an opponent’s body as there is no “right of way” rule. In this format, both fencers have an equal chance to score. In epée, one has to use the tip of the weapon to score points.

There are two en-garde lines and two warning lines. If a sword player goes out of the strip, in this case, an opponent is awarded one point.

The players must enter the strip with game’s attire. Mask is a must as there are possibilities of injuries. They are supposed to place themselves at the en-garde line.

Before the start of the game, both fencers must salute each other and including the referee. The players who fail to do so will be disqualified from the bout.

After saluting process, the referee invites both players in the piste. Mask is mandatory. They take the en-garde position. At the outset, the referee can start the game, without the player’s confirmation. The referee has to ask if they are fully prepared for the game or not.

When the game gets worse between two players and the referee shows no sign of taking the game ahead, “fencing phrase” is used to call off the game. In this event, both players are supposed to take their positions back at the en-garde lines before the play is resumed. If both players have no point, they must remain their positions.

The fencers are charged penalties for breaching the rules. If a player is shown a yellow card that means, the player is given the first warning. But a red card gives a player a huge toll and one point is deposited into an opponent’s account. In the event of a black card, a fencer is driven out from the bout. Moreover, the player may have to face some serious consequences. An audience can also be given a card for their misdemeanor in the stadium.

How to Do Safe Fencing?

Make sure that your wearing is in good condition or not. Check your wearing quality.

Always ensure your opponent’s safety first.

Always keep patience during the game. Control your anger while playing with your opponent. Don’t take it seriously, after all, this is a game.

Always follow the referee’s instruction properly. Don’t try to dominate the referee. Keep sportsman spirit.

Never try to fence without the referee’s consent. It will be an act of misbehavior.

The part between your collar and mask is not protected. So never turn back on your opponent.

Remember one thing that you are not supposed to make any contact with your opponent. You can’t hurt physically.

You are not allowed to use your non-sword hand.

Wrapping up…

The fencing rules we have mentioned in this post are beneficial for the adults to be fit and fine. This game also helps them in growing confidence.

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15 September, 2019
Kevin Brown
15 September, 2019
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