Food Ideas for 1 Year Old: Easy to Prepare

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Every parent is always in search of some healthy food ideas for 1 year old. It is a very challenging task to feed 1 year old kids. They can’t understand what we speak. The problem is that they can’t communicate fully.

There are many other problems too. They have a teething problem and can’t chew properly. Besides that, they feel too much when teeth are growing. All these things should be taken into consideration while offering a meal. You have to be careful that which meal is worth-eating for kids.

Homemade Baby Food Recipes for 1 year old:

If you want your little kid to grow properly then you must follow this 1 year old meal plan. Here are some food ideas for 1 year old kids that will win your kid’s heart.

Rice bowls with mangoes:

Your kid’s mouth will be watered looking at this dish. Rice bowls are indeed a delicious meal for your kid. Brown rice is used as it is healthier than white rice. Brown rice has good taste in comparison to white rice. It takes a bit longer time than white rice. You can use avocado, tomatoes, and salsa. Mango is the favorite to accompany rice. Kids love the mangoes most. There is also a dose of proteins with chicken, cheese, beans, yogurt, etc.

Hard- boiled eggs:

It is a good food idea for 1 year old. This dish provides your kids with abundant proteins. Little kids love eating eggs. For making this dish, you require carrots, beets, craisins, tomatoes, green onions, etc. use millet is easy to cook. It is costlier than rice. Your kids can get protein from cheese, chicken, and eggs. It is a healthy recipe for 1 year old.

Apple cinnamon baked oatmeal:

It is also called as “oatmeal Delight” it is a very delicious food idea. It is very easy to prepare. Cut an apple into pieces. Mix apples with oat. The main advantage of this food is that it can be prepared soon.


Paranthas are part of our daily routine. This is eaten not only by 1 year old but also by elders. Paranthas are very easy to prepare. Even little baby can easily eat Paranthas happily. You can do something different in the making of Paranthas, stuff paneer inside the Paranthas. Paneer provides your kids with good fat. Kids love paneer too much.

Healthy Baby Food Recipes for 1 Year Old


There are many advantages of cucumber. Cucumber is the best food idea for 1 year old. Cut the cucumber into long pieces. Make sticks of cucumber. Sprinkle some bit spicy flavor on cucumber sticks. It becomes tastier and satisfies your kid’s taste buds. Cucumber is very useful in dehydration.

Make a vegetable soup:

Vegetable soup is one of the best food ideas for 1 year old as it is easily consumed. Moreover, Vegetable soup is healthy for your kid’s health. Each vegetable in the soup contains something to offer well for the body. You can add vegetables of your choice such as carrot, cucumber, beets, etc.

Use boneless chicken:

The chicken is a healthy food idea for 1 year old as chicken provides vitamin B twelve. Chicken is an appropriate food for your little baby. Cook chicken until it gets softer. Soft chicken can easily be eaten by toddlers. Don’t use spicy flavors in chicken. Remove bones from the cooked chicken so that you can easily feed your kids.

Pizza with other veggies:

Pizza is the favorite food of toddlers. Pizza can be made at home. Homemade pizza is hygiene as compared to pizza available in the pizza shop. Make a simple pizza using leftover vegetables. Use cheese as needed. Add some tomatoes and capsicums in it. Homemade pizza is easy to eat for your 1 year old kid.

Winding up…

If you want to keep your toddler healthy then follow these food ideas for 1-year-old given by us. These foods are easy to prepare and do not take much time.

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