Food Trends Worth Trying in 2019 Around the World

 Kevin Brown

When we plan up for a tour domestically or internationally, we all are excited about two things: The place we are visiting and its Food. So let’s gear up for the Food Trends in 2019.

Food Trends Around the World

Here we are going to explore the popular food that is trending across the world in 2019.

So let’s start it with Food Trends 2019 across France

Paris, one of the most beautiful places in the world is the capital of France. Its beauty cannot be expressed in words. People go crazy for the wonderful destination it comprises of. Not only its place is worth appreciating but the food is also exceptional. Macarons at Pierre Herme is one such food. American spell it as Macaroon also. It was invented way back in the ’20s. It is soft and spongy, sweet and flavoured that sandwiches different types of fillings like jam, chocolate or buttercream.

Trending Foods in Switzerland

Switzerland…. the country which holds an utmost place for vacationing around the year. Zurich Lifestyle, Art and Architecture, Lakeside Lucerne and Hiking in the Swiss National Park are few of its attractions. Coming to the cuisine, one of the most popular and trending food in Switzerland is Rosti. It was basically invented by a farmer who made a breakfast out of it. Potatoes are the main ingredient which is grated evenly and mixed up with local spices. It is then fried and given a crispy effect. People do a variation with it using cheese, boiled eggs or fried onion.

Canada Food Trends

Well talking about the second largest country in the world, Canada is also one of the most beautiful countries which are close to nature, has winter sports and amazing urban and modern cities. Pierogi is the trending food in Canada. It is a dumpling which consists of sweet or spicy stuffing made out of potatoes, white cheddar cheese and cream. The outer layer is made of simple dough and the dumpling is served with melted butter.

Germany’s Food Trend

Germany has the second most population in the world with a lot more other things like historical places, natural beautiful areas, cultural institutions which are renowned, distinguished events and its mouth-watering food. Rotisserie Chicken is the most trending and finger licking food of Germany. Though it is available around the year, its demand gets to shoot up during Oktoberfest which is world’s largest Volksfest. Rotisserie Chicken is cooked by placing it directly on the heating element. Chicken salad, soup, and sandwiches are served with it.

United Kingdom Trending Food

Manchester, Blackpool, Liverpool, York, Brighton are the popular destinations to visit in the United Kingdom. It is complemented with the yummy foods that add value to the overall experience of the people staying or visiting there. Shepard’s Pie is one of the best cuisines in the United Kingdom that you must try if you visit there. It is made out of minced red meat, cooked in onion gravy using other vegetables like carrot, cereals, and before baking it is layered with a potato stuffing. Melted cheese is used after the pie gets baked.

Food Trending in Japan

Food in Japan is one of the most popular ones in the world. The cuisine is beautifully presented and is made up of high quality and fresh ingredients. There are many popular and trending foods of Japan, one such food is Sushi. Sushi is a rice dish which is vinegared and flavoured with some sugar and salt. It can be made using ingredients like seafood or vegetables or even occasional fruits.

Australian Food

Australia is the centre of holidays and enjoyment in the world. Places like Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane, etc. are the limelight of Australia. It has food that can create a long-lasting impact on your mind. To name a few we have Chicken parmigiana, Fish and Chips, Pavlova, etc. Chicken parmigiana is particularly not an Australian food but it is found in every pub in Australia. It is basically a chicken in breadcrumbs, with tomato sauce layer and cheese topping.

This is all about food trends around the world. So don’t forget to taste this tasty and trending food if you visit those places.

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Kevin Brown
15 September, 2019
Kevin Brown
15 September, 2019
Kevin Brown
14 September, 2019