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We got a bit of an early look this morning due to an early reveal from Fortnite Korea, which both the trailer and the battle pass trailer official dropped a little bit early. Is a country of the wonders of the winter for season 7, with a bunch of skins of the snow and the ice-themed as well as a new pet, weapons and new skins from the vehicle and even a glimpse of the new airplanes, which look like they are set to be useful and I'm the time dead ends later today? The full passage is live now, so let's check out what is on offer, from furs to back bling, gliders and more. The epic also confirmed that 7 station will bring a way to brand new from the sandbox to the game called creative Fortnite. The Minecraft-esque mode will be available to all buyers of the passage of the battle of the season 7 starting from the man before he became playable for all players of Fortnite December 13.

Snow has also begun to SAG Fortnite season 7 Island, which we can only presume it will get heavier while turned on the week and the season 7 is coming. The phenomenon of the Battle Royale shows no sign of abating. Earlier this month, the developer Epic Games said Fortnite, especially Fortnite season 7 has 8.3 million concurrent players and that game has now topped 200 million registered players. Quite a staggering number, particularly as the game celebrated its first birthday in September.

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It continues to attract such numbers all over the world, with a recent launch in Korea which boosts their numbers further, means that the anticipation for the fortnite season 7 is about to reach fever - check. But what next game main update will bring your map and mechanics? Here's everything we know about the details confirmed leaks next until now, station and rumours of Reddit Fortnite Super-detectives. We never know for sure until it reaches a new station, but part of the fun of Fortnite is rampant speculation about what you can bring each new major update. The current transformations on the map, with the giant purple cube Kevin exploding, transporting players to another dimension and leaving fragments of himself scattered everywhere, remain an intriguing mystery.

However, with the station 6, epic seemed to embrace the spooky-themed station of its 'rises from the darkness'; the shadow stones falling on the map and throw the fur costumes based on a funky Halloween party. The line of thinking has always been that the 7 stations will offer a wintery, Christmas theme. A light snow flurry has begun to SAG Fortnite Island, and while it is still placed, we have to get heavier as turns the week and the season 7 is coming. Willingness to blast which possibly covers map, or part of the map, in thick snow. While the theme of the winter seemed an obvious assumption, the additional fuel to this line of thinking came with the release to the retail frozen package. The epic launched the product encased November 16, offering a skin of the snowsuit, and other wintery goodies. While these objects in-game will be exclusive to the package, it could be an xlrint of the skins to come.

The resourcefulness of the uncovering of the equally impressive epic Fortnite season 7 community kids always impress. If you look directly at the snowstorm, he makes a particular sound. Another player apparently ran the sound through a spectrogram, which envisioned the soundwaves as resembling the logo of the A.I.M. robot skin. Could robot, which has also been appearing in loading screens more frequently, have a role to play in season 7? But that is unlikely to be all with significant alterations to the topography of the map beyond a light dusting. What other effect Kevin fragments have on Earth? It has already destroyed the Lake loot entirely, after all. The passage of the battle of the season 7 of Fortnite, the passage of the battle of station 7, which will give players access to new skins and unique challenges, will cost 950 V-Bucks in the usual way. That is around £7.99/$9.99 in real money. The passage of the battle will give buyers immediate access to teams of the zenith and the Lynx. There is also a new cosmetic article under the form of coats, that allows the player to modify weapons and vehicles customized to match your avatar costume. The owners of the passage of the battle also will get access early to Fortnite creative, until mode launches for all players of Fortnite December 13.

We can’t wait for Fortnite season 7. Can you?

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