Futsal Rules: The Ultimate Guide to Futsal Rules Explained

 Kevin Brown

There are countless games played in this world. Each has its own rules and regulations. Today we have come up with a new game which is a little bit similar to a football game name “Futsal” The rules of the game sound similar to football but some noticeable differences are there.

History of Futsal

Futsal game was originated in 1930 in Montevideo, Uruguay. This game was pioneered by Juan Carlos Ceriani was a teacher in Montevideo. The Futsal rules were also written by Juan Carlos Ceriani. He had taken inspiration from other games like football, basketball,

Futsal Equipments

According to Futsal rules, you need a Futsal goal, a Futsal ball. The clothing is similar to a football game such as shirts, socks, shorts, and shine guard. The keeper is provided with different color clothing. The keeper has to look different than his teammates.

Ball Size:

As per the Futsal rules, the perimeter of Futsal ball between 24.61” to 25.0” this Futsal ball is smaller than those of traditional Futsal ball which has size 4 and bigger than size 3. For junior the ball size is 2, 3 and 4. In Brazil, They have approved size 1 ball.

Futsal Goal Size:

The regular Futsal goal size is 3 meters by 2 meters. There are some options for a goal if you have different locations to play. There are lightweight and portable options. This goal is made from UPVC. This goal can stand erect without any support. The biggest advantage of this game is that you can take it anywhere to play. It can be easily set up and dismantled.

How to play Futsal?

Futsal’s popularity is increasing day by day amongst teenagers. This game is an indoor game played on a large court, unlike soccer. Below we will explain to you how to play Futsal with proper Futsal rules.

  • There are two teams each consisting of 5 players including a goalkeeper. This game is played into two halves of 20 minutes.
  • According to Futsal rules, if the match results in a draw, 25 minutes extra time will be provided to decide a result.
  • A team can’t play with more than 5 players.
  • Whenever the ball goes out of the court, the clock will be stopped; it will be put on after the play resumes.
  • No restriction for the substitute players. Substitution is made at any time whether it is during the match or out of the match.
  • Unlimited substitute can replace players from both sides.
  • As per the Futsal rules, both teams are given a one-minute time each round. The team who does not ask for a time-out in the first half of the game is given one time-out only in the second half of the match. The teams are not given a time-out in leisure time.
  • The goalkeepers must put on different jersey than their other teammates.
  • The goalkeepers are allowed to keep a ball four seconds. They must receive a kick in directly.
  • They have to release the ball either with their hands or feet. The goalkeepers should kick the ball directly over the half-way line.
  • The goalkeeper can be replaced by any outfield player as a substitute. But make sure that the substitute goalkeeper wears the same jersey as his team wears.
  • If the game will not be started by a team within four seconds then indirect free-kick will be given to the opponent team as a bonus.
  • A yellow card is given to a player in case the player tries to enter before two minutes of exclusion.
  • If the player keeps on breaking the rules after a strict warning by a referee will be given a yellow card.
  • A red card is shown when the player behaves rudely with the referee or other players in the game.
  • In case, if the player creates disorder during the game. The player who leaves the game without the referee’s consent is given a yellow card.
  • If the player spits other teammates during the match is given a red card.

Ending up…

We have mentioned everything above you want to know about Futsal game. The Futsal rules are very easy to learn. Most of the people like this game as the rules are a bit similar to a football game.

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