Handball Court Rules and Regulation – That Everyone Must Know

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Basic Rules of Handball Game

We have shared here basic handball rules. A game in which 2 teams consisting of 7 players, play this game by passing the ball through their hands with the motive of throwing at the goal of the other team is known as handball. Ideally, a professional game takes two periods of 30 minutes each. This game was originated in the 1900’s in Europe. It is being played in 159 different nations.

Rules and Regulation for Handball



Six-meter line

In this lane none other but a goalkeeper is permitted and a player can step into this lane after shoots the ball.


A player cannot walk more than 3 steps without dribbling and cannot hold the ball more than 3 seconds without doing any activity, is the player fails to do so then it is known as walking.

Double dribble

A player cannot receive the ball dribble then hold for a moment and then dribble again, it is known as double dribble and is not advisable according to the rules.


Obviously, this game is not meant for kicking the ball so a player cannot kick the ball if the player does he/she will lose the opportunity and it will be passed to the opponent team’s player.

Handball fouls

Tripping, pushing, charging, hitting, clinching and holding are the activities which are against the rule of the game and thus, known as handball fouls.

A free throw in handball

A chance that is received when there is a violation of rules. All the players are required to stay 3 m far from the player taking the free throw.

Penalty throw in handball

Such throw is awarded when a player refuses a clear chance to score with some violation.

Handball sections

As per the intention level of violation, the referee can give the player yellow card (warning); red card (dismissal) and suspension card (sit out for 2 minutes).


A chance will be received to the player who did not touch the ball last when the ball crosses the sideline. The player needs to pass the ball inside the court.

Throw on

This kind of throw is done during the beginning of the game or after a goal is scored. It should be thrown from the center of the court.

Court players

The players except the goalkeeper are known as court players.


A player who defends while competitor’s player tries to make a goal is known as Goalkeeper. This player has to play inside the goal area.

Corner throw

A throw which is rewarded to the attacking player from the corner of the court, such a throw is known as corner throw.

Goal throws

A ball that comes off the goalkeeper and also passes through the goal line. Then the goalkeeper is supposed to throw the goal from their own area.

Referee’s throw

A throw is made in order to resume the match which was interrupted due to any reason, except the above-mentioned reasons. It is known as referee’s throw done by none other but the referee.

Dive shot

A style of putting the shot, jumping from the surface towards goal is known as Dive shot


When a goal is thrown into the goal post and that goal is confirmed by the referee that there is no violation, is known as Goal.

Handball court:

A court which is a horizontal area where players play handball is known as a Handball court. The court where players play handball is 40 m long and 20 m wide. It also consists of 2 goal areas and a playing area. Side lines can be found on the ground as a longer boundary line whereas shorter lines can be recognized as goal lines or outer lines. There is another side line which is of 2m, situated behind the goal lines. It is for the safety zone at the court.

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