Hanoi Street Food Tour: Tour with Some Authentic Foods

 Kevin Brown

We are always looking for delicious food no matter where we are. We have found many people wandering each corner of the world only exploring a different kind of food. Hanoi is the best destination for the foodie.

Hanoi Local Food Tours:

We will take you to Hanoi local food tours where you can find different types of cuisines. People can enjoy the local flavor there. Let’s go for a stroll to Hanoi local food tours.

Hanoi old quarter walking street food tour:

Hanoi old quarter walking street food tour is the best destination for the foodie. Those are first time visitors; they should hire a foodie guide. The foodie guide will take you to the local street food. The guide will introduce you to delicious local dishes. You can also learn about the local eateries in the city. If you are looking for authentic tastes or traditional foods, you should visit “36 Old Streets” Take a visit to this street food, we are sure you will not get disappointed.

Hanoi Vegan Food Tour:

Hanoi vegan food tour is the best Hanoi street food tour. This is an appropriate place for vegetarians. You can enjoy several vegan dishes. Also, take a glimpse of Hanoi’s history and culture. Visitors are also provided with coffee, bottled water, and beer. If you want to visit this place, en evening or afternoon is the right time.

Hanoi Old Quarter:

Visit local markets and local food shops to indulge Vietnamese delicious cuisines at Hanoi old quarter. This place is very much popular for its craft guilds. Take an adept guide who can provide culinary commentary on Hanoi’s food culture and its history. You can enjoy juices of different flavors. Get the decent flavors of tea and coffee at a local cafe. Learn about authentic Hanoi’s cuisine from your guide.

Hanoi Street Food Adventure Tour:

At Hanoi’s old quarter, you can taste local specialties of Hanoi. Here, you are introduced with Vietnamese cuisines which are greatly influenced by French and Chinese flavors. Plan a morning or evening trip with a well-informed guide and explore the types of local eateries with abundant authentic dishes. There is a beautiful lake named Hoan Kiem Lake. There are many hidden cafes around the lake where you can enjoy egg coffee.

Egg coffee:

It seems to be strange that tea is made by egg! A large number of people visit this café to drink egg coffee. Egg coffee word makes most of the people curious. It attracts tourists as well as locals. It is made by egg yolk, condensed milk, and cheese. This is going to be the best Hanoi street food tour for you.

La Hang Gan Tan:

La Hang Gan Tan is the best restaurant. It is situated near the Gan Tan Lake. Ga Tan is Bird soup. It is authentic chicken soup. It is also known for its medicinal ingredients. People drink this soup as medicines. It can cure many minor problems in the body. It is made by herbal broth. There are many nutritious ingredients such as lotus seeds, dates, goji berries, and angelica root which benefits the human body. People around the world flock to Hanoi street food to enjoy this healthy soup.

Hanoi Food Tour Karaoke:

Karaoke is the best for Hanoi street food tour. If you want to experience a pure taste of Vietnamese cuisines hire an informative mentor. Tell your guide to inform you about the origin of Vietnamese foods and traditions. After eating a variety of foods end your day with Karaoke singing is the main attraction of this tour.

Rice noodle with grilled pork (Bun Cha):

Bun cha is a very popular Hanoi street food. It is a very popular dish amongst the Vietnamese people. Bun Cha is mouth-watering. The combination of rice noodles and grilled pork attract most people. You are served rice noodles with grilled pork. Moreover, enjoy the soup with a lot of herbs in it.

Wrapping up…

We have provided the best information about Hanoi street food tour. It is a great destination to go for authentic and delicious cuisines.

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Kevin Brown
15 September, 2019
Kevin Brown
15 September, 2019
Kevin Brown
14 September, 2019