Hawaii Travel Guide - Plan Your Family Trip with this Amazing Place

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Have you planned your family vacation to Hawaii yet? If not, then you should definitely look into this Hawaiian travel guide before you travel to Hawaii. Let’s start with the history of Hawaii because you should know a place’s history if you are travelling there.

History of Hawaii

It is said that the Hawaiian Islands were formed about 70 million years ago by volcanic eruptions. The oldest known Hawaii island is said to be the Kure Atoll and the newest one is Big Island of Hawaii which came to surface about 1 million years ago.

The Hawaiian state, also known as “Aloha State” consists of 8 main islands namely Maui, Kauai, the Big Island of Hawaii, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Niihau, and Kahoolawe. Now let’s move on to the Hawaiian travel guide.

Hawaii Travel Guide for a Vacation

Hawaii is a dream destination for honeymoons, family vacations and adventure in today’s world. Hawaiian Islands have almost 9 million visitors every year. Hawaiian culture being treasured, many programs and offices are developed to promote and safeguard the Hawaiian culture. Stop by to one of Hawaii’s local museums to learn more about Hawaii’s culture. Let’s move on the next steps in Hawaii travel guide i.e. facts and figures of Hawaii that you need to know-

The Hawaiian Fact File

Hawaii is the most isolated population centre on the surface of the planet. As a result of this, the islands home the world's biggest telescope and most scientific observatories in one place than anywhere else on the planet.

Other Useful Facts and Figures

Well, now that you have come across this much, you need to know that the Hawaii travel guide takes you to these facts and figures of Hawaii which is really necessary to know

  • Population: - 1.4 million
  • Area: - 10, 931 Square miles
  • Language: - English and Hawaiian
  • Hawaiian capital: - Honolulu
  • Currency: - U.S Dollar
  • Dialling Code prefix: - +1
  • Emergency No.: - 911

The Best Time to visit Hawaii

Let’s take the Hawaii travel guide to the best time. We often wonder which is the best time to travel to Hawaii. There isn’t really the best time as anytime would be best to visit and enjoy Hawaii. You’ll find a warm and tropical climate in Hawaii during any time of the year. Temperatures there don’t vary drastically from season to season.

You can see lusciously green landscapes any time of the year. But, it’s important to know that when you are travelling to Hawaii, a period from May to October is the dry season, while November to April is Rainy. If you are visiting Hawaii in the winter, it is good to take rain equipment.

Hawaiian Safety Tips

When it comes to safety, your Hawaii travel guide takes you to the best tips and tricks to have a happy and safe journey to Hawaii. Hawaii is an overall safe place to visit. However, you should take of certain things and avoid certain situations on your vacation.

Here are some Ocean safety tips and to-dos for you-

Watch out for strong waves- While swimming, you never know when a strong wave might sneak up on your back. So it’s best to watch the ocean and its waves every once in a while your swimming in there.

If not sure, don’t go out there- If you aren’t sure of the ocean conditions, don’t go to swim at all.

Check out for the posted safety signs.

If possible, swim with the posted lifeguards.

Always avoid swimming at dawn, dusk or at nights- Sharks tend to be more active during this time of the day.

Hiking Safety Tips

Well, this Hawaii travel guide couldn’t complete with hiking safety tips. Let’s dive there now.

Always Wear Proper Footwear: - Hiking may not be completed without hiking shoes or sandals. Flip-flops don’t qualify for hiking footwear.

Bring more water: - It is recommended to bring more water than you usually take with yourself because during hiking you might need more of it.

Wear Mosquito repellent for safety and comfort

Stay on Designated Paths to avoid getting lost. It is important to stay on the designated paths at all the time.

At the End…

With this Hawaii travel guide, now you are ready for a fly to Hawaii. Decide the Hawaiian island you want to visit and that’s it, you are ready for your vacation. Just remember these safety tips because safety is the best policy.

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Kevin Brown
15 September, 2019
Kevin Brown
15 September, 2019
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